A mobile app for your brand: you’ve been told it’s the next best step for building your brand and your corporate identity. Is it really the right thing for your brand? Or is it just a trend? Join us to learn more about the mobile app movement and how you can leverage it (or pass by) to the advantage of your corporate identity.

You have adopted the idea that your website IS your 21st Century storefront. You’ve even gone mobile with it – invested in responsive web design – and your corporate identity has benefited. Now, you’re hearing more and more about building a mobile app. “Everyone’s doing it,” “Your customers expect a mobile app,” and “Just put one up,” are some common phrases you’re hearing.


The only way to determine if a mobile app is right for your brand is to read on and decide for yourself (and with a little help from some corporate identity experts).

Does your Corporate Identity need a Mobile App?

If you’re not quite sure what a mobile app is, it’s a software application designed specifically for use on mobile devices (phones, tablets). There are three types of mobile apps: Native Mobile Apps (built into mobile devices with access to the devices features and functions), Mobile-Web Apps (designed to work only with internet access), and Hybrid Mobile Apps (with functionalities that use device features as well as internet access).

Now, to the all-important question: Do you need one?

If your primary intention for creating a mobile app is to advertise, to engage in a download battle, or just to say you have one, NO, a mobile app will not benefit your brand.

If you have useful, relevant, or interesting information and experiences to share (that your ideal client has been asking for or would appreciate), then YES, a mobile app will build your brand.

It is true that most consumers have grown to expect mobile apps from the brand they love; however, if the mobile app you present is sub-par, doesn’t meet the needs of your ideal client, or is nothing more than a thinly veiled marketing ploy, those same consumers will fall out of love with your brand.

In order to design a mobile app that serves your ideal client and your brand, ask these key questions:

  • Where is my ideal client likely to be while using the mobile app?
  • How will my mobile app be easier or more appealing than the mobile version of my website?
  • What is he doing while he’s accessing the mobile app?
  • Does my ideal client want to be informed or entertained?

What type of information will he need? Or what type of entertainment will keep him coming back?

  • Will my ideal client be looking to my app because he’s bored, or while he’s in a hurry?
  • Will he be with other people when he uses the mobile app? If so, who are they? Are they also ideal clients? How can I compel him to share it?
  • What need does the mobile app fulfil? Or what problem does it solve? Is this need or problem significant to my audience?
  • What do my competitors’ mobile apps look like? How can I be innovative, or combine other successful mobile app aspects from outside industries?

In general, the corporate identity and branding experts at How to Build a Brand have found that mobile apps that are customized to please a target audience are the most successful. When working with a mobile app builder, your goal should be to give your ideal client something that will make her say, “This is just what I needed.” She should feel that your brand took the time to learn about her habits, behaviours, wants…and then designed something unlike any other and that is everything she could have wished for. It should save her time, make her experiences more enjoyable, impart the information necessary for success…whatever is most important to her.

As you have probably gathered, jumping on the mobile app band-wagon (and being successful) is no simple undertaking. When it’s done right, it can prove to be an invaluable brand asset. However, if it’s jumped into half-heartedly, or without the proper strategy, it can actually harm your brand.

Still not sure if a mobile app is right for your brand? Or uncertain about how to proceed in creating a brilliant mobile app that will benefit your corporate identity? Wonder no more. How to Build a Brand is here to help and to answer all your questions.

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