Wouldn’t it be great if your ideal customers thought of your brand often? Wouldn’t it be even better if your brand was on their minds at all times? Affecting the things they say and the decisions they make?

In the past, this was much easier to do. There weren’t so many things competing for consumers’ attention. There weren’t so many distractions.

Today’s consumer has a mind that’s more dissected than ever. Her attention span is short. She’s feeling pressure to pay attention to lots of things at once.

brand-mindshareWhat does this mean for you? The pie has been cut into smaller pieces—meaning that even if you gain control of a small slice of that pie, you’ll still struggle to make an impact.

That’s why we’re talking about multiplying mindshare. One tiny slice of mind pie isn’t enough. You have to make a sweep. You have to capture a number of those slices, so that your brand is thought of as often as possible—so that its association is made in any number of situations by your ideal customer on a daily basis.

If you want your ideal customers to think of your brand when they wake up and when they go to bed, then you’ll need more mindshare.

If you want them to think of you when they exercise, when they prepare food and when they make supermarket choices, then you’ll need more mindshare.

And if you want them to think of your brand when they experience physical pain and have trouble getting around, then…you guessed it…you’ll need more mindshare.

Let’s talk about how you can get your slice of mindshare, and then multiply it, for a more visible and profitable brand.

Brand Mindshare: Get More Pieces of the Pie

One of the most important things I’d like to impress upon you is that when your brand is top-of-mind, it has a better chance of capturing more long-term mindshare. This requires staying in front of your ideal customer often…daily, if possible.

Here are some ways I recommend doing that:

  • Stay present in their inboxes. I’ve said “The money isn’t in the list, it’s in your relationship with the list.” Too often, the focus is on getting as many names as possible on your contact list. There’s a heavier focus on quantity than on quality. Instead, I would suggest that you choose the names that go on your list wisely. Make sure they’re your ideal customers. And then, keep in constant contact with emails that serve them in ways they will value and remember. Avoid using email correspondence to sell. They will grow tired of this quickly and unsubscribe. Offer lots of value. Make them want to open those emails. And then, when this relationship is established, send a sales email offering significant value no more than once per week.
  • Know where they’re hanging out and meet them there. I see too many business owners put up online pages, then sit and wait. Wait for their ideal customers to show up. This is the wrong approach. Instead, they should be finding out what social media networks and other online places their ideal customers frequent, and put their brands in front of those eyes…where they’re already focussed. This could be in the form of native advertising, banner ads or PPC. No matter the method, remember that persistence is key. Your ideal customer will need to see your brand’s logo at least seven times before he even remembers it.
  • Get them to talk about your brand. When people talk about something, they’re more likely to remember it and get behind it. Give your target audience a reason to talk about your brand. It could be a refer-a-friend programme or other incentive…with the only criteria being that people are asked to talk about your brand to others. This will not only increase your brand mindshare amongst those who already accept it, it will increase its mindshare in groups who have never before heard of it.
  • Give them a voice in your brand. You want people to talk about your brand to others; however, it shouldn’t stop there. Giving them a voice in the future of your brand makes them feel vested. They will keep a close eye on your brand to see if their opinions make a difference; they will want to see your brand succeed now more than ever. Publish a poll. Ask for feedback. Request votes for a new brand product name or something similar. Give people a chance to get involved, and your brand will be hard to forget.

It has been proven again and again: More brand mindshare equals more market share. Often, business owners go for the market share first, without the understanding that the message must land, the memories must stick, and the relationships must be forged before anything else. Will your brand be the one in your niche to get this right? Or will the competition beat you to it? Only you can decide.

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