When you want to make the sale more than your ideal customer wants to buy your product…

that’s what I call Desperation Marketing.

When you have adopted the idea that there are a finite number of ideal customers out there, and that all of them are the prize you and your competitors are fighting for…

that’s also called Desperation Marketing.

And when the sales you do make are the result of old-fashioned, hard-sell sharkism, in which the few customers who buy do it just to shut you up...

that’s also Desperation Marketing.

Desperation Marketing is short-lived. There are no referrals. There are no testimonials. There is no word-of-mouth advertising. It just doesn’t work.

Here’s the truth: Your ideal customers should be coming to you. Your thought leadership should be so scintillating that they can barely resist making contact with your brand. Your brand should be such a positive element in their lives that they just don’t want to live without it. Do it this way and you will never have to chase a potential customer again; you’ll simply have to find an efficient way to field all their orders and enquiries.

Are you ready to learn how to do away with desperation marketing and put abundance marketing to work for your brand? Great! Read on.

Replace Desperation Marketing with Abundance Marketing

From this point forward, I want you to view your branding and marketing in this light:

If I create the right product and send the right message, they will come.

Branding and marketing should never be about creating the product YOU want to create and then begging the general public to take a look. It should be about creating something you love and that you can demonstrate expertise in...then finding your ideal customers, building it around their needs and communicating its benefits to them.


When branding and marketing are conducted in desperation, you will always have the feeling that you’re going to ‘run out of customers.’ However, with abundance branding and marketing, you operate with the understanding that your loyal customers are going to fully appreciate what you’ve created FOR THEM and spread the word about your brand. Its reach will expand far beyond what you could ever accomplish on your own.

So how can you change your mindset and your procedures in order to reap the benefits of abundance marketing? Here are some tips:


  • Give your Expertise Away for FREE.  You’ve read that correctly. Go ahead and read it again if you need to. There are very few consumers who will buy anything sight-unseen. They at least need to get a taste for what you’re all about, as well as sample your expertise so they learn to trust you. For these reasons, I always recommend sharing advice, opinions, experiences, stories, findings, etc. with your audience. Their reaction will be something like Wow, if this is what I’m getting for nothing, imagine what I’ll get when I pay.
  • Instead of Being a Pest, Just be There. Conver
  • Turn Away Customers Who are NOT Ideal.  There’s no better way to prove that you’re in business for all the right reasons than to tell your non-ideal customers that your brand is not right for them. Not only will you save yourself the headache of working with people who can never truly appreciate your brand, you will compel them to refer people to you who ARE your ideal customers. This is a spectacular way to build a stellar brand reputation.
  • Never Engage in Price Wars.  ...and that applies to competitors and customers. You know that what you’re offering holds massive value for those it was designed for. You’re asking a fair price, so there should never be a reason to haggle. Dropping your prices during a conversation with a customer only proves to them that you were charging more than it was worth in the first place. Furthermore, engaging in a price war with your competition just cheapens your brand...tells your audience and your industry that your product’s value is either unknown or lower than you were originally suggesting.

It’s time to end the cycle of Desperation Marketing, and to adopt a culture of Abundance Marketing. Not only will your mindset regarding the purpose of your brand improve, your sales will be more plentiful and easier to come by. Your loyal customers will do the selling for you, and your brand will develop a reputation that makes it virtually unstoppable.

Want to learn more about Abundance Marketing and how it can enhance your brand’s marketing strategy? Well, then it’s time to register for a B.R.A.N.D. Building Bootcamp, a full-day branding experience in which you will learn to maximise the credibility, visibility and profitability of your brand. Learn more and enrol here.

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