When a passionate business owner like you is absorbed in brand building and positioning, the tendency can be to focus only on those people who are spending money with your brand. Have you considered the other valuable players? Those who may not be spending money with your brand but who are spreading the word, promoting, and supporting…and maybe getting ready to buy? Let’s talk about how you can create loyalty on all spending levels.

Brand Building and Positioning with Non-Spenders

A common mistake made by those with the best brand building and positioning intentions is to overlook those who are not directly [financially] contributing to the brand’s bottom line. However, those people may have liked your Facebook page, subscribed to a newsletter, signed up to receive blog updates, joined a conversation on Twitter, or talked about your brand at a luncheon or networking event. Their actions are practically impossible to track. They aren’t available for comment. You aren’t even able to thank them – you don’t know who they are.


So how can a brand manager like you assure that these people continue to advance your brand building and positioning efforts? Speak to them. Tell them all about what’s new and exciting with your brand. Create advertising and marketing initiatives that reach the places where you think they’re hanging out. Perform charitable acts in the name of your brand. Get your brand out into the community. Sponsor activities in which your target audience is likely to be involved. Thank them for their support and for spreading the word. You may feel that you’re speaking to no one, but I can practically guarantee that someone (or some crowd) is listening and using everything you say to build your brand.

Staying in front of the talking crowd has another benefit. It quells criticism from the naysayers before that criticism has a chance to take hold. When people are in the trenches, fighting for your brand without recognition, they need support. When your brand maintains a viable presence – with exciting news updates and evidence of the good work it’s doing – then your proponents get encouragement, support, and facts with which to defend your brand.

If and when these supporters make themselves known – through a personal introduction, word-of-mouth, or social media – jump on the opportunity to thank them, sincerely and with words that are friendly and that specifically acknowledge their efforts. Treat them as valued customers because in a matter of time, and with the right treatment, they’re likely to become just that.

Always assume that there is at least one conversation happening about your brand. Use that belief to enhance your brand building and positioning efforts. Speak to all types of brand supporters – even if the majority of them haven’t bought into your brand. Make it clear – through the use of branded language in all realms – that you appreciate their support as much as you appreciate your income…because in truth, the former is usually more valuable than the latter.

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