Website design and branding design are evolving as quickly as the imaginations of the innovative web and brand designers who are driving it. Website design with a unique, branded edge is memorable – which means, according to top branding design experts, your brand is more likely to experience online success.

Join us to learn more about parallax and textured website design – two complementary visual elements with the power to make your online brand unforgettable.

Extraordinary Branding Design, with Unique Website Design Elements

One website design element that’s been around for a while but has recently been gaining momentum is parallax scrolling. To begin to understand this design element, it can be helpful to understand the meaning of the word parallax. It is a noun the describes the illusion of an object changing position, in relation to the position of another fixed object, even though the only thing moving is the position of the viewer.

To get a feel for parallax, hold up your right index finger at arm’s length and cover your view of that finger by holding your left index finger between it and your nose. Without moving either finger, move your head. Now you can see both fingers, as if one has changed position. This is a parallax effect.

Parallax design can be incorporated by layering imagery that moves at differing speeds on the screen, creating the effect of varying depths – a close visual cousin to 3D. You may have already seen it:  Some visual elements of the webpage remain fixed as you scroll or move your mouse over particular areas, while other elements go mobile, lending the illusion of foreground, background, and 3D motion.

There are a number of ways to implement parallax scrolling, including applications such as The Sprite, The Layering, The Raster, and The Repeating Pattern Method.

Web design that acts like a simple brochure is fading out of vogue and so is web design that is flat and without dimension – even if that dimension is nothing more than a cleverly portrayed illusion.

The branding design experts at How to Build a Brand have been employing texture in website design for years, and have learned to use it sparingly, for a dramatic effect.

Before we get into the dos and don’ts of texture, it’s important to differentiate texture from pattern. A pattern is a design with repetition, often consisting of small elements that cover a large area. Texture is generally a larger decoration, with an irregular design and a natural or realistic feel (like marble or tree bark).


Too much texture in web design can over-stimulate your visitors and discourage them from clicking through or staying to absorb all that you have to say. Here’s how branding design professionals harness the power of texture, frugally:

  • Don’t use texture on texture. Instead, make the background or foreground that touches the texture simple…and any writing within the texture simplistic, too.
  • Use texture to emphasise important elements of your webpage, like titles, call-to-actions, buttons, and icons.
  • Highlight branding essentials with texture, to make them more memorable.
  • Create contrast for content or other important elements using texturised backgrounds or borders.
  • Maintain legibility by ensuring that any words placed over texture are highly readable.
  • Repeat identical textures throughout the website when possible. This will cut down on loading time.
  • If using more than one texture, make sure they don’t compete with one another. If they aren’t complementary, make different choices or stick with just one texture.
  • Don’t choose a texture just because it makes your webpage attractive; choose it because it contributes to, or helps to define, your brand. The principles of branding design state that every visual element of a brand should represent your brand’s values in some way, as well as work to deliver your brand’s unique message.

Stay tuned for more on innovative and unique web design and branding design. If you’re interested in implementing parallax or texturized website design (or any other type of website design) into your online branding design strategy, contact the branding design experts at How to Build a Brand on +44 (0) 208 123 6776 today.

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