In all of our conversations about brand strategy at How to Build a Brand, the subject of relationships has arisen more than a few times. For the most part, branding is more about building relationships than it is about the product. Of course, your product or service must be useful and appealing to your target audience, but here’s the real question: Does your brand strategy include a plan for promoting a passionate, trusting relationship with your clients?

Put yourself in the shoes of a consumer for a moment. Let’s assume that you’re in the middle of a health crisis and the pharmacist asks you which brand of medication you prefer. Your symptoms are heightening, you’re feeling lightheaded, your fever is climbing…you just want to take your medication, go home, and crawl into bed. Which brand name will you choose? Will you select from a collection of names you’ve either never heard of or that you have heard once or twice? Or will you choose the brand name that you’ve come to recognise and to trust? The one that has worked in the past…the one your own mother recommended to you…the one that you recommend to your own family and friends?

Of course, we all know the answer. When it really matters, consumers choose the brand that they feel most confident about – the one they have come to love and trust.

Build Trust with the Right Brand Strategy

Of course, you want your brand to be the one that consumers trust and love, but how do you accomplish this? How can you create a brand strategy that builds passion for your brand? Here are a few points to get you started:

  • Know what causes pain for your ideal clients. Ask anyone about the type of pain they experience (whether it’s physical, emotional, or spiritual) and the discussion is sure to take a passionate turn. This is the type of conversation your brand strategy should aim to start. Talk about the pain. Stir up people’s passion. Then relieve that pain and your clients’ passion will be redirected toward spreading the word about your brand. This is a brand strategy that employs the most coveted of marketing methods: Word of Mouth.

Credit: Nico van Diem

  • Keep your word. Concentrate less on making big promises and focus more on delivering targeted solutions to your clients’ problems. Again, think like a consumer (and a human being). What kind of people do you trust? The talkers or the doers? Of course, you must tantalise with language that piques interest, but trust is built when valuable information and quality, targeted products and services are delivered.
  • Be generous with information. Your branding strategy should include methods for reaching out to people (via social media, seminars, networking, etc.) and giving them your best advice for making their lives better. This will establish you as an expert in your field, and in turn, build trust. If people utilise the advice you offer, they will come back for more, tell their friends about it, or both.
  • Be vocal about your brand’s values. Often, consumers choose brands not because they have compared products and prices, but because they connect with what the brand stands for. Tell your audience, regularly, in what you say and what you do, about what’s most important to your brand and you’ll attract ideal clients – the ones who share your values and quickly become passionate about your brand.

Wow; I could go on and on. The subject of using brand strategy to build passion and trust for your brand is bottomless. How to Build a Brand is sharing more about this every day on Facebook, Twitter, and in our Brand Brain magazine. Join us won’t you? Call 0113 322 1490 today to learn more about brand strategy tips that work.

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