Building a brand with PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, as part of your corporate branding strategy can bring a lot of advantages to your brand. However, it isn’t right for every brand.

PPC is an online marketing method in which brands can bid on sponsored spots in search results, based on keyword searches. Results appear either at the top of the first page of search results, or are sprinkled throughout. You pay when someone clicks on your ad – hence the name pay-per-click.

Is PPC Right for your Corporate Branding Strategy?

In order to determine if PPC will be a valuable addition to your corporate branding strategy, the branding experts at How to Build a Brand suggest that you consider its pros and cons before bidding. Research has shown that PPC remains an untapped source for web traffic (it is low on the list of brands’ investments, but high on the list of online marketing traffic producers); however, every corporate branding strategy is unique, making a look at PPC’s pros and cons a must-do before making any investment decisions.



Here are some of the pros and cons of pay-per-click advertising:

PPC Pros:

  1. Your website is more likely to host traffic that is directly receptive to its message. In other words, PPC holds the unique ability to direct ideal clients to your website. The traffic that is pointed to your landing page from PPC is usually made up of those who are more interested in starting a loyal brand relationship than those who may have popped in to your website through organic search.
  2. You will get immediate, first-page search results. Organic, non-paid search results can take months or years to appear on the first page – if they make it there at all. This increases your brand’s chances of being found.
  3. The analytic data provided by these paid searches can be studied by an online marketing expert to determine how you can tweak your website to make it more attractive to your target audience and to increase your conversion percentage. This is the type of data that can be used to improve your online marketing campaigns, to advance your corporate branding strategy, and ultimately, to build your brand.
  4. As the title suggests, you only pay per click. Because consumers are learning to recognize the difference between paid results and organic results, a click on a paid result indicates authentic interest in your brand, meaning that most of those click investments have conversion potential.

PPC Cons:

  1. A large number of searchers pass over paid results – they have come to expect a hard sell, rather than valuable information, from these paid sponsorships.
  2. Analysis will be required to determine if the return on investment, or ROI, of pay-per-click is worthwhile. For many brands, PPC just isn’t the way to go, and this isn’t realised until after the data is examined. If this is the case, your brand should simply move on to other online marketing avenues, satisfied in knowing that you’ve eliminated a brand-building possibility.
  3. There is, of course, a cost involved. Data will need to be analysed to determine if that cost is an investment or a loss.
  4. High-traffic-time ads, which will be viewed more, cost more. Again, the investment will have to undergo scrutiny.
  5. For most brands, it is not feasible for their current staff to properly manage pay-per-click advertising. It is best implemented by an online marketing professional.

To make a case for building a brand, the cons of pay-per-click often aren’t cons at all – they’re just costs of doing business. Paid search ads aren’t right for every corporate branding strategy – but they might be right for yours. Research, development, experimentation, and implementation will determine if your corporate branding strategy will benefit from PPC.

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