You’ve learnt about the importance of personal branding whilst building your corporate brand. And yet, there’s another facet of personal branding that you may not have thought about: What if you haven’t yet launched your corporate brand? How can building a personal brand first help with that?

It will not only help, it could make all the difference in the overall success of your corporate brand. Read on to learn how.

Personal Branding: The Basis of a Successful Corporate Brand

When someone buys into your brand, they aren’t just buying a product or a service…no, it’s much more than that. They are buying YOU. You see, people buy into people. They want to Like, Know, and Trust the person behind the corporate brand. And that’s why personal branding is so crucial to corporate success.

How many times have you seen this happen? A person, popular in his or her social circle, starts a business. Friends patronise it. They refer more friends.  They promote it on social media. In short, the corporate brand takes off quickly.


Because people already Like, Know, and Trust the brand’s founder. Much of the hard work of building trust and reputation has been done…embedded in the very foundation of the brand.


Here are a few points to further prove the power of using a strong personal brand as the basis of a corporate brand:

  • Your brand is not what you say it is. Rather, it is what the consuming public says it is. Therefore, because your friends and acquaintances have already established opinions of you (and their continued association with you proves that they like you), you have started to build a brand with supporters who will talk about the authentic you. This is a great way to begin to fill the market with truth, and to somewhat control perceptions of your personal and corporate brand.
  • Every brand must name its corporate values and then work to attract clients who hold those same values. Guess what? Your personal friends and business associates already share your values; otherwise, they wouldn’t still be making an effort to keep your acquaintance. This is a solid foundation for gathering a pool of ideal clients.
  • Every brand needs a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) in order to set itself apart from the competition. If you start with personal branding, you will develop, by default, a USP. As long as you remain genuine and true to yourself, we can guarantee that there will be no one exactly like you—and that is the definition of uniqueness.
  • Since people buy people, personal branding is a brilliant way to market yourself as the product you are, ensuring that interested parties buy into the true product of your brand—YOU. Your values, skills, style, language, mannerisms, word choices, preferences…are the equivalent of a product’s features and benefits, so market them!
  • Starting with personal branding builds a sort of ready-made sales funnel. People willingly move through the funnel, from Friend to Fan to Client…because they Like, Know, and Trust the person behind the corporate brand.

We, the corporate and personal branding experts at How to Build a Brand, can’t seem to say enough about the importance of personal branding. It’s a deep subject, for sure, and something that will be expanded upon in our next Brand Kick S.T.A.R.T.E.R. Masterclass. Register here for this exciting eye-opener, and get started on building a brand as brilliant as you are.

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