You’ve probably heard about the importance of personal branding in your corporate branding efforts. And if you’re like many, you’ve resisted. Maybe you’re too humble for all that. Maybe you think you’ll rob attention from your corporate brand. Today, we’re dispelling myths and talking about personal branding, a crucial ingredient for corporate branding success.

This is supposed to be about my brand, not me. I don’t feel comfortable boasting about myself. These are just a few of the fears brand owners experience when reluctantly dipping their toes into the pool of personal branding. Now is the time to jump right in – with personal branding advice for the unpretentious (and somewhat reluctant) business owner.

Personal Branding: Arrogance Myths Busted

Becoming comfortable with your own personal branding journey might be as simple as changing your view of common practices. Here are a few examples of how you, a self-effacing business owner, can become more at-ease with personal branding:

  • It’s not boasting; it’s education. In order for people to determine if they want to work with you, they must gather information about you. When you impart this information via personal branding, you are increasing the likelihood that you’ll connect with your ideal client.
  • It conveys your USP. Your brand is unique because you are unique. Share your distinctive worldview via personal branding, and you will set yourself (and ultimately, your brand) apart from the competition.
  • People want to know who you are. For this reason, we suggest that you view your own personal branding as an answer to your ideal client’s needs, rather than the satisfaction of your own. Today’s consumer wants to know WHO they’re contracting with or buying from; a faceless corporation is rarely good enough.


  • Personal branding makes the referral process simpler. When the referrer “knows” you, they feel compelled (and confident) to give personal recommendations. Plus, making contact is easier when names and direct lines are included. There’s also a sense of urgency when a personal reference means that someone is waiting for that point of contact to occur.
  • In some cases, personal branding will expose your vulnerabilities. That’s a good thing. Why? Because you will be motivated to acknowledge and strengthen your weaknesses, which can only strengthen your brand.
  • A large part of building a brand is establishing yourself as an expert in your industry niche. This would be difficult to accomplish without personal branding.
  • Who doesn’t want personal/work life balance? Mingling personal branding with corporate branding can be the first step in achieving this stability. Why? Because there is an integral acknowledgement of you as a person, which translates to consumer, affiliate, and colleague respect for your personal time.
  • When you engage in personal branding, your work will be more fulfilling. Of course, this requires that you be completely honest about yourself and your goals…and when you are, your brand identity will begin to mould itself around your personal inclinations. Why? Because you will attract people who have a lot in common with you – and they will work to shape a public perception of your brand that is close to your own.
  • In the realm of social media, personal branding gives you twice the opportunity to connect. Status updates about your brand can be posted through your business and personal pages – which will multiply your messages’ reach.
  • When you’ve actively engaged your target audience with personal branding, you will feel more comfortable asking for feedback, testimonials, and recommendations…and they will feel more obliged to deliver.
  • Today’s consumer makes emotional purchasing decisions. Often, those decisions are made after speaking directly with a business owner. When a personal connection is made, the consumer wishes to broaden that connection, and making a purchase is often the first step in accomplishing that. The likelihood of this occurring is multiplied with every personal branding initiative.

As you may have gathered, personal branding is not about stroking your ego or building up your own image for the purpose of conceit. It is about imparting the information and making the connections necessary for building your brand.

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