After yesterday’s post, you may be scratching your head. If building brand loyalty means making my brand all about what my ideal client wants, then where does personal branding fit in? Isn’t personal branding all about me? Doesn’t that contradict putting my clients’ wants and needs first?

Those are some stellar questions. Today, I’m talking about how you can incorporate personal branding into your brand strategy – whilst keeping the focus on your current and potential [ideal] clients.



Personal Branding: All about Clients

Personal branding is about telling your story, demonstrating your expertise, and building trust in the professional you are. It is not about creating a platform from which you can indiscriminately boast about your talents and accomplishments – you will most likely push ideal clients away. Your intentions for disclosing facts about yourself must be rooted in a desire to connect with the right clients – and with the following advice from How to Build a Brand, you can do just that:

  • Social Media: Tell your followers what you’re doing, what you’re thinking, who you’re with…even what you’re eating…if you believe that the information will help to build your personal brand (and in turn, your corporate brand). Don’t hesitate to help people learn more about you, especially if it you think the information will work to endear them to your purpose (because they can see benefit for themselves).
  • Blog Posts: In general, what are the topics of your blog posts? If they’re all about you, you might be missing the mark. If they’re all about offering helpful advice and demonstrating how your skills and expertise can benefit your readers, then you are on the right personal branding track. Remember, people want to know what you know and what you can do, in order to determine how those things can work for them. If your know-how is not applicable to their needs, or you haven’t demonstrated how your expertise can help them directly, reevaluate the subject matter of your blog posts.
  • Video: You can’t get much more personal than a personal appearance, and in this digital, interconnected age, video is a medium that consumers crave. They want to see your face, hear your voice, and gather information from your gestures, body language, and facial expressions. Be your genuine self, and after they see you in action, those who are meant to forge a connection with you will feel more compelled to do so. Video is a critical part of personal branding, and should be employed in your branding strategy.
  • Shared Content: When you carefully choose content that others have written and share it, you will show your followers what’s important to you. This is a form of personal branding that offers insight into what you’re all about (and that helps people to decide if you’ve built a brand that will be valuable to them).

You can enact a moving personal branding campaign with more great advice from How to Build a Brand. Start by subscribing to the latest issue of Brand Brain and build a personal brand that’s all about those whose brand loyalty matters most.

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