As you strive to enhance your brand development efforts, you should be noticing opportunities to increase your industry impact, build your brand, and enrich your bottom line. Your best chances for productive change might be obvious; but more likely, they’re pretty ambiguous – and that’s why your competition hasn’t thought of them yet.

Finding the brand development opportunities that will promote brand growth takes some dedication to research, creative thinking, and the willingness to assume some risk. Change is difficult – we all know that. But sometimes, choosing the right kind of change can prove to be even more of a challenge.

Selecting the Right Seeds for Growth and Brand Development

In order to recognize unique (and sometimes covert) opportunities for growth, a number of specific business facets must be in place. They include:

  • Leadership that is invested in the brand: When management is truly aligned with the goals, values, and vision of the brand, then viable opportunities are easier to identify. Additionally, when the leadership unit is unified, change is easier to agree upon and enact.
  • A keen sense for those things which will inhibit growth: Even the best brands have points of opposition that will impede forward movement. Soothing or eliminating these points before the forward movement (or growth) is initiated means smoother and more successful growth transitions.
  • A focus on the bigger picture by the brand: Consumers are growing weary of brands that are selling solutions to problems that may or may not exist; however, they value brands that offer helpful information, educate them, give great [free] advice, and show how they’re demonstrating their values in the world. On many levels, consumers care more about who they’re giving their money to than what they’re getting for that money.
  • Freedom on many levels: Every employee that works for a brand should feel the freedom to sponsor growth by presenting new ideas and innovative ways of improving products and operations. They should also feel the freedom to make mistakes – without this freedom, fear will discourage brand development. If all brand constituents are committed to the brand, aligned with its values, and feel the freedom to speak up about its advancement, the results will be brilliant.
  • An education in the industry’s past, present and future: When a brand knows its industry and its target audience inside-and-out, it naturally begins to predict next moves and will learn to stay one step ahead of the competition. It will see the stone fall into the water before its competition feels the ripple effect.


A brand that keeps growth goals top-of-mind is more likely to see opportunity for growth than one that is happy to stagnate. Work to focus your brand development efforts on growth opportunities, use the branding advice presented above, and get ready to act. Of course, you’re not alone. How to Build a Brand is ready with all the advice you’ll need to grow your brand.

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