If you are starting your business or trying hard to get it off the ground, either way you want to build your brand to a point where your business is growing steadily and organically. By now you will already have clarified in your own mind that you have what it takes to make a successful business. This means that firstly you can tick a few things off your list:

  • You have a good idea of who your target audience is
  • You know where to find your perfect customer
  • You are the expert providing the product or service they want or need

Now for the big question:

Do you know your customers' PAIN?

This is such a key question very often overlooked when it comes to building a brand.


Because very often when making sure you are providing the solution to your clients' need, considering their direct problem is about as deep as you go to satisfy that you can help them. So here's the thing... that is not enough. You are only solving the perception of what the client's problem is and therefore you are only scratching the surface. If you only solve what the clients' problems appear to be then have you really left them feeling completely fulfilled? The truth is you have provided them with the same thing as all your competitors would have and now you have nothing to  differentiate you from them... except perhaps the price.

With this mentality you will always be competing on price!

Do you feel that you should have to compete on price? Surely not! You are the expert and offer a far better service or product than the others, right?!? Right!

We MUST understand something a little deeper than "their problem" or "what they need"

What do we mean by this?

Well, this is sometimes very difficult to answer on your own. Let's give it a try with these following steps...

  1. First of all, think of a customer or client you already have
  2. Picture them, write down their name, age, location and the "perceived problem"
  3. Now, try put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself these questions as if you were asking them:
    1. What is the underlying issue behind the problem?
    2. What is the REAL issue behind that?
    3. How do you feel having that problem... what is the PAIN?
    4. What is the RESULT of having that pain?

Now... could you answer all those questions? It is not a problem if you couldn't. Guess who knows the answer. That's right, YOUR current and potential customers and clients  Can you see how we are now getting past just dressing the wound with the "band aid plaster" approach, and instead actually rooting out the cause of that wound? All of a sudden you have an opportunity to communicate to your client in such a way that they FEEL that you understand THEIR pain and that the product or service you provide can go way beyond providing a solution to their problem. You are ensuring that they are in a better place as result. They FEEL that you have really understood their needs, tailored a solution to solve that pain and at the same time care that you put them in a happy place of feeling so much better than they did.

Do you think your new, happy customer will remember you for this? Furthermore, do you think they will tell others about how amazing you are... potentially without having to go into detail as to what you actually did? OF course they will!

Why would they? Do you remember the last time you told someone about a fantastic experience you had with a brand? You didn't tell them everything that happened or everything that was good about it, right? Your passion said it all! Your enthusiasm for it shone through and carried the underlying message within the story you relayed. Something like:

"Oh, you've got to go and see Xxxxxx about this... absolutely brilliant!"

Can you also remember that it was a feeling that made you tell it that way? It was an emotive response. This  is something that you can get your customers and clients to do fro you by fully understanding their pain. In this way, you will build your brand with the greatest results. Try it out and let us know how you get on.

This forms just a small part of building your brand. To find out more check out our 28 Step system so that you can ensure that your strategy is absolutely perfect to build YOUR brand so that you attract the customers and clients you really want.


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