How to build a brand by re-purposing written content? Not only can you attract search engines to your website with relevant, keyword-rich content, you can manipulate that content in a number of ways to increase its productivity. An email newsletter, or e-newsletter, is one of those methods.

How to Build a Brand with Email Newsletters

You’ve seen email newsletters – they drop into your inbox, telling you about the latest developments in an organisation to which you’ve subscribed and they educate you on the latest in industry developments. You might also see links to articles that the organisation has written – and you might choose to click on those links in order to read more.


This is precisely how to build a brand using an email newsletter…and here’s why you should consider starting a newsletter campaign:

  • Contact Information: On your website, provide an area where readers can give their details if they wish to receive your newsletter. Use this information to expand your contact list – which will ultimately expand your conversion potential.
  • High ROI: Aside from the cost of the time spent writing a newsletter (or hiring someone to do it for you), there is little or no monetary investment involved. This makes an email newsletter a highly cost-effective method for staying in contact with consumers, prospects, and clients.
  • Mind Share: When you use a newsletter to regularly remind consumers and clients that you exist and that you’re doing exciting things, your business will be more likely to come to their minds when needs arise.
  • Receptive Audience: Because your newsletter recipients have subscribed to receive your e-newsletter, you can rest assured that everyone who receives it is interested in the content and are more likely to use the links you’ve provided to click-through to your website.
  • Viral Effect: When your e-newsletter includes content that is useful and relevant, recipients are more apt to forward it to friends. Those friends may then subscribe, increasing your contact list and the possibility of more conversions.
  • Brand Identity Reinforcement: Ask any corporate branding expert how to build a brand, and he or she will tell you that frequent communication using the language in your brand strategy is imperative. An email newsletter gives you the opportunity to write content that is rich with your brand’s language.
  • Referral to your Website: If you’ve written an article that you believe will be useful to your audience, point them toward it in your e-newsletter. This is a great way to increase traffic to your website and to improve your website’s ROI.

The content of an email newsletter is entirely up to you – you can cover current events in your industry, tell readers what’s new in your organisation, or offer some unconventional wisdom…but we recommend all of the above.

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