What comes to mind when you hear the phrase Public Speaking? If your palms start to sweat and your voice begins to quake, you’re not alone; however, you can replace those symptoms with personal brand promotion and personal growth. All you’ll need is some sound advice from our personal branding experts.

Public speaking is a must for building your personal brand. No matter the size of your corporate brand, personal branding efforts are necessary for your own longevity. Think about it: if you sell your corporate brand without a strong personal brand, you’ll be forced to start over. If your personal brand is strong, you’ll be able to pick and move on with your expert status intact.

Public speaking gives you a unique opportunity to showcase your exclusive brand offerings…under the auspices of your exclusive personal branding strategy, targeted to your exclusive ideal client.

Let’s learn more.

Personal Branding NEEDS Public Speaking

The benefits of public speaking cannot be denied. Here are just a few, in relation to personal branding:

  • Build Trust. When your ideal client hears your voice, sees your passion for your brand, asks you questions and get targeted, relevant answers…seeds of trust will be planted.
  • Demonstrate Values. At How to Build a Brand, our personal branding experts speak often about naming corporate values during the early stages of building a brand. When you demonstrate those values in all you do, you will attract clients who share those same values. Public speaking is a brilliant way to SHOW those values—to attract all the right people.
  • Connect emotionally. Today’s consumer needs to feel emotionally compelled to do business with a brand. When you look people in the eye and stir the emotions that they value—in person—you stand a much better chance of scoring those connections.
  • Establish your expert status. Consumers only want to work with experts they can trust. Convey valuable and relevant information and demonstrate what you know with public speaking, and the expert spotlight will shine on you.
  • Engage with ideal clients. If your public speaking venues are chosen wisely, you will enjoy the privilege of speaking to audiences that are primed to hear what you have to say. Every room will be the centre of your intended bulls-eye—which is a huge part of building a brand. Ideal clients will be interested enough to ask questions and to meet with you. This is essential engagement.


  • Gather feedback. No matter if you conduct exit interviews, record audience comments, or ask attendees to complete paper evaluations, a public speaking event can be a goldmine of constructive criticism from your target audience. Listen to what they say; the adjustments you make in response to their comments will improve your brand.
  • Record it. The end of a public speaking event doesn’t have to be the end—nor should it be. Video the event, make an audio recording, or capture photos for slides. The footage can be converted to online content, webinar material, book content, and more.

Not just any speaking venue will do. Visit locations and study events that cater to members of your target audience. Make connections there. Demonstrate your values and your brand passion. Invite people to review your blog and social media pages—both of which should be rich with demonstrations of your expertise.

Keep this up, and you’ll book public speaking venues that will result in rich harvests of rapt audiences and loyal clients.

Not sure how to get started in public speaking? Contact How to Build a Brand on +44(0) 208 123 6776 for more information on how you can hone your skills, build confidence…and build your brand with this invaluable platform.

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