At its very core, the phrase brand strategy is associated with looking ahead. To strategize is to anticipate, to plan reactions, to create hypothetical scenarios and actual responses…it’s about generating a plan and predicting, with relative accuracy, how your audience and the market will respond.

Another part of brand strategy is planning your brand’s response to upcoming events. An effective brand strategy will take advantage of opportunity, not only as it arises, but in anticipation of its rising. Today, we’re talking about looking ahead to local, regional, and world events with brand strategy.

RSVP Early with Brand Strategy

At How to Build a Brand, we are adamant about the importance of putting your brand within the sight of all the right people – the people who have the problems you’re solving, as well as the people who have connections to those people. Quite often, this means making your brand a part of an event these people are expected to attend or view.

Consider the sportswear company, Adidas. The company’s 2013 third quarter numbers were lacklustre; particularly when compared to Nike, its closest rival. This could be attributed to a number of factors, but one thing is for sure: Adidas hadn’t had a big-event association since the 2012 Olympic Games, and their numbers were indicative of that fact. If only they could score a sponsorship…and they have. It’s the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Adidas is looking forward to a boost in sales in conjunction with this valuable piece of visibility. In 2010, Adidas’ sales rose 14%. What happened in 2010? The latest men’s World Cup.

Experience has taught Adidas that global events like the World Cup are perfect times and places to revive visibility and further cement their brand before the eyes of their target audience. The company is also taking this opportunity to revive the brand with brighter colours – and they’re not just any colours. They include the colours used in Brazil’s carnival celebrations.

It’s never hurts to have a personal brand recommendation, either. That’s why Adidas has created a video advertisement in which Leo Messi, Argentine forward, enjoys trying on his own new pair of Adidas soccer spikes. And Adidas’ brand strategy doesn’t stop there. Other soccer stars, like Altidore, Xavi, Oscar, and Bale are already sporting the bright shoes on-field…before they’re made available to the public on 14th November, 2013. Adidas is also making the launch of new line highly visible on social media channels (YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter).

This is just the beginning of what Adidas has planned in the months leading up to the 2014 World Cup. Its brand strategy is rich with colour, media, celebrities, giveaways…all because the sportswear company had the foresight to find an applicable event and monopolise on all the visibility it could bring.

Look ahead. What events are planned in your community, in your country, or around the world that would be an ideal platform for your brand? Make your brand part of that panoramic view. Contribute to the success of the event, whilst reaping the benefits of mutual success.

For more on how your brand can look ahead and take advantage of upcoming events, contact How to Build a Brand on [email protected] We’ll show you how a proactive brand strategy will build your brand.


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