Do you have social proof that your brand is THE brand? Is your brand connected to influential people? Has your brand made an impact on your industry? Until recently, these questions may have seemed a bit difficult to answer (even for a branding agency). Now, thanks to Klout, your brand’s influence is measured with an algorithm that tracks social media activity and interaction value.

In our last article, we introduced Klout and explained why your Klout score is important to brand development. Today, this branding agency is talking about how you can raise your Klout score – so your brand can take advantage of all the wonderful things that come along with an impressive number.

Branding Agency Advice for Improving Your Klout Score

The branding experts at our branding agency, How to Build a Brand, have seen the effects of impressive (and not-so-impressive) Klout scores. More and more, our branding agency has been finding that brand awareness and brand development success are largely proportionate to those scores.


So what does that mean for those brands wishing to grow their influence? They must work to increase their Klout scores. Here are six simple pieces of advice our branding agency would like to impart, for doing just that:

  1. Create an online social community (or group) of your own. Target those who are readily interested in your brand and engage them; keep them interested. Their membership will boost your Klout score.
  2. Share photos. People are predominantly visual learners, and therefore easily digest (and willingly share) images.
  3. Reach out with friendliness. In the interest of personal branding, remember to show your human side to your audience. Wishes for a great weekend or a productive morning can go a long way in building a following (And people feel inclined to return the good wishes, which is great for your Klout score).
  4. Share quotes. Quotes come with a certain presumption of wisdom; and for the most part, they’re short-and-sweet – perfect for social media sharing, sharing, and more sharing.
  5. Ask for opinions. You know everyone has them, and many times, they’re just waiting for an invitation to share them. Be sure to ask about the things you know your audience cares about, and you’ll work toward raising engagement.
  6. Post relevant information and advice. When you give people good advice, for free, they feel like winners. When they have the option to pass that along, they feel like they’re making a difference. These are both great ways to establish trust and expertise (and to build your Klout score).
  7. Know your peak hours. Posting during your audience’s busiest social media hours will increase the likelihood of regular engagement. Buffer can help with this.
  8. Address current events. This can be especially effective if you can tie a current event in with your industry or your brand.
  9. Add all your social networks to Klout. Connecting additional networks to your Klout account will not decrease your score; in fact, it may increase it.
  10. Seek out influential social media users and engage them. Share what they’re posting. Like their posts. Ask them questions or make comments that require responses from them. When you engage with high-Klout-score people, your score goes up.

This branding agency recommends each of the above points for improving your Klout score. Start integrating them into your social media strategy, and you should notice score enhancement in about 72 hours. And keep at it; the score will climb slowly, but surely. However, if you choose to cut back on social media engagement, your score will drop rapidly.

Klout scores are becoming major decision-makers in brand engagement. You can learn more about what Klout can do for your brand by contacting How to Build a Brand, a branding agency with decades of branding experience. Simply email us at [email protected] or connect with us on Facebook.

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