Has your brand evolved? Are your social media pages lagging behind? It is crucial that your corporate identity be consistent across all channels, and that includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google+.

No matter where your target audience finds you, their experiences should be branded and recognisable. Pew Research tells us that 73 percent of internet users utilise social networking sites, meaning that your ideal clients are more likely to encounter your brand on social media than through any other channel, making brand consistency more important than ever.


Infusing Social Media Page with your New Corporate Identity

Whether you’ve just gone through the rigors of rebranding, or your brand has slowly evolved over the years, your social media pages may have been left in the dust. Rebranding them is crucial for the preservation of your corporate identity. Here are two notable reasons:

1. By deleting your current pages and creating new ones, you’ll sacrifice your connections.

2. By failing to rebrand existing social media pages, you will lose brand continuity, which will cause disengagement within your current audience, as well as stunt your reach’s growth.

Be prepared before rebranding your social media places, especially if your rebranding efforts include major changes – like your company name. Make sure the Twitter handle, Facebook page, etc. that you want are available. Once you’ve done that, consider the following stipulations for each social media channel:

  • Rebranding on Twitter is quite simple. It’s a matter of updating your information and informing your followers of the changes they’ll see.
  • If your brand has more than 200 Facebook likes, you will be prevented from changing your page’s title. In this case, you’ll have to keep your followers informed of the change and encourage them to like your new page. Even then, you’re bound to lose some followers, but if your re-brand is on-target, you’ll make up the difference. If your brand name hasn’t changed, you may only need a Facebook facelift to maintain corporate identity continuity.
  • A personal LinkedIn profile is simple to change; however, when changing a company page or group, minimal changes are recommended, since you’re limited to only five. Make as many changes as possible in one fell swoop, and know that you may need to contact LinkedIn service in some cases.
  • YouTube will not allow you to change your username; however, it will permit you to disguise your current url with a vanity url, which can be useful for rebranding without follower loss.

Your corporate identity will survive social media rebranding if you communicate openly and often with your audience about the changes. Talk about it on every page you own, including your website and your blog. Let them know that changes are coming. Inform them about the reasons why you’re rebranding. Let them know, specifically, what they can expect to change and what they can expect to stay the same. Welcome questions and acknowledge the pain of change.

By following this advice from How to Build a Brand, you can incorporate your new corporate identity into all your social media channels, with minimal loss…and the potential for impressive gains.

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