The brand designers at How to Build a Brand recommend that you give generous consideration to the colours you’ll use in your logo design and brand design – as well as to the specific shades you’ll use to colour all your communications. Red is a colour that carries with it some powerful messages, and understanding its influence is essential to getting your visual brand message right.

Brand Designers Speak About the Beauty – and the Danger – of Red

Red is a colour associated with heat, passion, blood, and power. Red roses are for lovers, an implement painted red designates hot water or warns of possible burns, a red dress attracts passionate attention, and a red tie lends an upper hand in the power department.


Red is a commanding force. Brand designers warn that if you intend for your brand identity to be demure, innocent, childlike, or tranquil, the colour red is not for your brand; however, if you wish for your brand identity to raise pulses, inspire creativity, hint toward fame, encourage adventure, support independence, suggest authority, or allude to power, then red just might be your girl.

Perceptions about the power of colour are nothing new. In a 1967 report titled Impact of Color on Marketing, Satyendra Singh maintains that colour not only helps to differentiate one brand from others, it significantly contributes to judgements made about that brand (and those judgements are made within seconds).

However, the power of colour choice doesn’t end there.

A report written by Paul A. Bottomley and John R. Doyle titled The Interactive Effects of Colors and Products on Perceptions of Brand Logo Appropriateness says that choosing a colour isn’t enough. The colour you choose must tightly align with the purpose of your brand, because if disunity is perceived by your audience, credibility is lost.

The brand designers at How to Build a Brand couldn’t agree more. If red is the right colour for your brand – if your brand is intrinsically powerful, passionate, and bold – then it will work to build your brand. Brand designers warn, however, that if you choose red for the attention it will bring, but your brand is fundamentally wise, dependable, warm, gentle, innocent, calm, or socially conscious, you may be doing your brand a disservice by choosing red.

Brand Designers Talk about Shades of Red

If bright red isn’t precisely the right colour to build your brand, you might consider mixing in a touch of brown. This will tweak that red to give suggestions of family, community, relationships, security, personal development, and integrity. Furthermore, with a touch of purple, red becomes more sophisticated, luscious, and delicious.

If red is a good fit for your brand identity, it can be used to build your brand with verve, passion, and powerful vitality. It has been suggested that simply viewing the colour red raises both pulse and blood pressure. If you think this type of reaction could help to build your brand identity, then by all means – go red.

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