There’s brand identity strategy busting over the horizon, and its principles might surprise you. It involves optimising blog posts with the long tail keywords that no one…or should I say only a few people…are looking for. Counterintuitive? Sure it is. That’s why it works.

Low Performance Keywords: A Brand Identity Strategy that Works

As many of you already know, spam is out. Pay-per-click is expensive. Search engine ranking competition is tough. So where should you turn next for advice in increasing organic search engine rankings? At How to Build a Brand, we believe in SEO that is sustainable, good for the long-term, and applicable to all search engines. That’s why we love to tell our readers about long tail keywords – the hidden gems of organic SEO.

What are long tail keywords? They’re search terms, each usually consisting of two or more words, and that are specific and unique to your niche. They’re often overlooked in a brand identity strategy in favour of the shorter, more general search terms that are popular in any given industry. But here’s the problem with passing over these keyword rejects: the competition for the more popular search terms is too steep – especially if you’re a start-up with a small to medium sized website.

So what are the advantages of optimising with long tail keywords? Here are a few examples of what these valiant rejects can do for you:

  • As already stated, there’s less competition. When someone searches using a less-popular term, your chances of appearing on the first page of search results are much better.
  • When someone searches using a long tail keyword that you’ve optimised for, you can bet that person knows exactly what they’re looking for. This means they’re further down in the funnel – and probably ready to buy. The click-to-conversion ratio of each keyword-optimised page will be greater.
  • We’ve talked often about speaking to your ideal client. By choosing long tail keywords that speak to the specific needs of a limited audience, you can essentially cherry-pick the clients you really want.
  • When you appear in organic search results, rather than in the sponsored or advertisement section, you build a reputation (and trust in) your brand. People know you didn’t pay to get there; you got there with the type of commitment they’re searching for.
  • Organic search accounts for the lowest possible client acquisition cost.
  • Harnessing the power of long tail keywords means you’re setting your business up for long-term growth, not the peaks and valleys (more valleys than peaks) associated with hot-right-now keywords.
  • Google has found that nearly half of all searches involve unique keywords (meaning unlike any other). To ignore this would be to bypass a lucrative opportunity for your website, and for your business.

Naturally, your next question goes something like this: How do I determine what long tail keywords I should be using? I highly suggest that your brand identity strategy includes regularly published blog posts written around keywords suggested by HitTail. What is HitTail? It’s a low-cost alternative to PPC. Once you sign up and register your domain name, you will be supplied with a unique piece of code. Insert that code into a template, and HitTail will analyse your website’s traffic in real time and provide you with a list of keywords that are being used to find your site. It will make suggestions for the best long tail keywords to use in order to target niche traffic…which reminds me of another advantage: You’ll never run out of material for your blog. With HitTail’s keyword suggestions, there will always be new ideas to write about.


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