In the world of brand development, there’s lots of talk about seeking out the perfect clients (and using branding to do so). This is the goal, but how about finding the right people in the interim? Today, I’m not talking about the end result, but rather the beginning: Upgrading the company your brand keeps, from the very start.

Upgrade the Brand Development Company you Keep

Most of us heard it from our parents when we were in school: You are who you hang out with. Whether we’re talking about social circles or business circles, this is still true. I would venture to guess that the people you’re surrounding yourself with right now are very similar to you in levels of success and in professional aspirations. This is human nature. Like attracts like. The only way to move ahead is to seek out people who are what you want to be.


It’s time to look forward and to start surrounding your business with those people who display the traits and values that you want to see in your business. Sammy, my partner at How to Build a Brand, says “Be the brand you want to see in world.” Along those same lines, I’m saying, “Choose the people with the qualities you want to see in your brand.”

This applies to your staff, your accountant, your marketing personnel, your brand advisor, your brand designer, your creatives…everyone involved in any way with your brand development. And it must be done from the very start. If your brand development hasn’t been orchestrated in precisely the right way, your brand’s message will not attract the types of clients you’ve dreamt of. Instead, you may find yourself adjusting your colours, your logo, your message, the places where you’re seeking clients…only to find out that what is fundamentally wrong is fundamentally wrong.

When you do your research and hire the people whose expertise can be proven, your brand development efforts will move your brand forward, in the right direction. If you hire based solely on price or enthusiasm, you will find your brand development efforts stalled – either lowering your expert status or keeping you from moving forward.

There’s no reason you have to overpay. I recommend that you pay a fair price after considering the expertise and quality that any individual brings to your brand. Focus on the bang per pound, and the investment will pay your brand back, exponentially.

Brand development can be a delicate matter. Everything must be just right from the very beginning in order for its message – and the emotions that it stirs within your target audience – to be spot-on. Even if you know precisely what you want your branding to do, it can be very difficult, or virtually impossible, to accomplish it without the right team. Choose the wrong people, and you’ll find yourself chasing chickens in the barnyard, rather than leading a unified team to ultimate brand development success.

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