The success of your corporate brand depends largely on how well your customer base responds to your branding message, as well as how long they intend to stay on board. This has a lot to do with your corporate brand; however, it also has a lot to do with the types of clients you choose to pursue, engage, and retain.

Who’s Right for your Corporate Brand?

Creating loyal clients should be the aim of every corporate brand, and for that reason, How to Build a Brand always suggest that you reward loyal behaviour in order to nurture the relationships that will build your brand. Loyalty is reciprocal. Show loyalty to your brand and to the right types of customers, and you will receive loyalty in return.

Rewards should be different for building loyal customers than they are for maintaining already-loyal customers. In order to start that loyalty roll and to build long-lasting brand relationships, we recommend that you begin with the right people.

Here are some general categories into which customers will fall:

  • Sluggish Customers have little emotional connection to your corporate brand and only make occasional purchases. Their inconsistency could be the result of their personality traits, or it could be due to a lack of connection with your corporate brand. Your attention would be best directed at the next three customer types.
  • Impulsive Customers also hold weak psychological and emotional connections to your brand, but they will occasionally pop in and drop a load of currency. Find a way to connect to the Impulsive’s emotional buying, and you may find a way to develop it into loyalty. Remember, emotional connection is a key contributor to loyalty.
  • Dormant Customers are well-connected to your brand and probably recommend your brand to others on a regular basis; however, they aren’t big buyers. Identify what’s holding them back from purchasing and address those issues to gain benefit from this type of loyalty. These customers may not spend a lot of money with your corporate brand, but there’s always the hope that they’re talking about your brand to their friends, family, and most importantly, on social media.
  • Superstar Clients are deeply attached to your brand and purchase often. They recommend your corporate brand whenever they can work it into a conversation. They write testimonials. They are a lucrative source of referrals and precious word-of-mouth advertising. They make up your brand’s family. Take care of them – they are your bread and butter.


Caveat: one brand’s sluggish customer will be another brand’s superstar client. This means that your brand is a key factor to consider whilst categorising customers. This makes seeking out and finding your ideal clients even more important. You want the types of people that will be loyal to your corporate brand, even whilst overlooking others.

Simply counting customers will never contribute to building a corporate brand. Further exploration, research, and active engagement are always required.  A whole crew of sluggish customers will never equal the buying and referral power of one superstar client.

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