You’ve heard it said that a picture is worth a thousand words. What are the images in your web design saying? The images’ words are either working for or against your brand identity strategy, and knowing the difference is essential to brand-building success.

Brand owners and managers, like you, often have their own ideas about how they’d like their web pages to look, including photos and graphics. Of course, a professional web designer will consider these ideas. He or she should also stress that just because an image is attractive, unique, or aesthetically complementary to a website’s design, it’s not necessarily working to further the brand identity strategy or the website’s purpose.

Stick around as we continue this conversation about choosing all the right thousand-word images for your web design.

Enrich your Brand Identity Strategy with Picture-Perfect Web Images

Every image on your webpages and blog posts should be chosen because it carries with it valuable information that your readers need. For example, a big, bright £ sign might indicate that there is currency to be had. That’s good news, and something that investors might want to see; however, a pie chart or a graph showing specific financial growth by participants will not only give more information, it will provide a picture of exactly what can be expected. It’s not just enticing; it’s informational. The thousand words that it speaks are not only applicable to your brand identity strategy, they work to build your brand.


Photographs that show a product in use, a visual example of how a product or service has affected someone’s mood or lifestyle, or some type of action shot can be much more powerful than a still-life of the product alone. Special attention should also be paid to any people included in the images. What is their body language saying? Are they proponents of your brand? Or are they subliminal opponents? Often, the subtle can be more powerful than the obvious.

Photographs and graphics should, at the very least, be supportive of your webpages’ text; however, How to Build a Brand recommend that they tell stories on their own – so that even if a visitor does nothing more than scan a webpage, he or she will gather valuable information that builds brand awareness and conveys crucial information about your products and/or services, as well as your brand identity.

In short, How to Build a Brand always advise that you use purposeful images, chosen after substantial research and careful consideration, in your website’s design. You may also consider creating your own images or graphics, in order to ensure that the messages conveyed by those images are accurate and brand-building.

Pictures that beautify web design aren’t enough. In fact, if they’re not contributing to your brand identity strategy, they’re likely detracting from it. So, please, choose wisely. Select images for your web design that instruct, inform, and lead your ideal clients toward one, more specific image:  your brand identity.

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