So many brands say they care about their customers. They claim to want to start and engage in conversations with their clients, listen to concerns, and answer questions. Yet, consumers claim to experience too little of this. One way that your branding strategy can promote corporate brand success is by not only making these promises, but following through with them – in a big way.

Why Your Branding Strategy Should Include Client Engagement

Before we continue, allow me to pose a question to you: “Where would your corporate brand be today, without clients?” I think we all agree that the answer is “Nowhere.” Without clients, it simply cannot exist.

With that truth in mind, I think we all agree that customer retention is key to success. Paying real attention to your existing clients is crucial to retention, and should therefore be included in every branding strategy. Too often, intense focus is placed on finding new clients, rather than building loyalty within an existing client base.

Here are just a few of the benefits of retaining existing clientele:

  • The cost of bringing on a new client far exceeds the cost of retaining an existing one. Of course, new clients should be sought – marketing should not stop – however, this should be done in conjunction with retention efforts.
  • As far as individual sales go, conducting a repeat sale to a loyal client requires far less capital, time, and energy than closing the first sale with a new client.
  • Current customers are goldmines for word-of-mouth advertising, and when authentic retention efforts (like engagement) are made, this phenomenon is compounded.

With these truths in circulation (and widely acknowledged), it’s puzzling why most corporate brands make the most lucrative offers to the consumers they’re courting, rather than to the clients who have already purchased (and continue to purchase) from them. A better branding strategy would include intense concentration on keeping present clients happy, and using their overall satisfaction with the corporate brand as enticement for new clients to jump onboard.

There are a few things that How to Build a Brand recommend you include in your branding strategy, to engage your existing clientele and to prove to them that the ‘place to be’ is with your brand. And here they are, the Rules of Engagement for Retention:

  • Ask your clients for honest opinions about your brand. Give equal consideration to every response. Show your gratitude. Make your efforts to either enhance or correct procedures evident to your brand-loyal base.
  • Make it obvious that your existing clients are invaluable to your corporate brand and to you. Your appreciation should be broadcast for all existing clients, first-time buyers, and potential customers to see – so that they can see what will be in store for them if they become loyal participants.


  • Maintain an open invitation for questions and comments, 365 days a year. Your clients should know that they can always come to you with enquiries, comments, or complaints…and they should feel confident that their statements will always be well-received and responded to promptly.
  • Encourage feedback. After every sale or interaction, give customers the opportunity to express their opinions about their experience with your corporate brand. Always respond to feedback and show clients how you’re using their sentiments to improve your brand experience.

Do you have questions or concerns about increasing retention through the rules of client engagement? We’d love to hear them, and to talk to you about how these principles can be integrated into your own branding strategy. Simply phone us on +44 (0) 208 123 6776 or email [email protected]. You can also get your daily branding tips at

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