In order to get a handle on how proper search engine optimisation can work for brand development, it can be helpful to understand how search engines, themselves, work. As we all know, performance improves with an understanding of any process’s underpinnings, and you’re about to take the first step in becoming an SEO and brand development rock star.

Brand Development Needs SEO Intelligence

A search engine (like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) can be compared to a librarian. Many of you remember when finding a book at the library meant consulting with the librarian – who, somehow, seemed to know how to find even the most obscure title or author. She consulted with her card catalogue and then bid you to follow her. She expertly plucked the book from masses of others and deposited the treasure in your hands – and just like that, you had the answers you needed or the entertainment you were looking for.


Even if you didn’t have a title in mind, the librarian was able to find a number of books that might suit your needs. Wasn’t she wonderful? Now, a search engine does much the same work as that librarian once did. It ‘considers’ your search terms and then sets out to find the best, and most current, matches for your needs.

Because you’re currently working to build your brand, you’re concerned with leveraging the power of SEO for your brand development. It’s important that you understand that search engines ‘read’ every page on the web. When you adhere to proven search engine optimisation tactics, you will ensure that your web pages meet the criteria, or algorithms, of those search engines – that your webpages will be appealing to those engines and rank high in results.

By now, you’re probably wondering about the criteria that search engines are ‘looking for.’ Here is a starter list of points that ‘matter’ to every search engine:

  • Titles that match search terms: Do your webpages’ titles match the search terms that you know people are using to find information like yours? A large part of brand development is delivering what your target audience wants, consistently. Do this by working to give them exactly what they're searching for, on a regular basis.
  • Text that contains keywords: You’ve done your research. You know what language, words, and phrases your ideal clients are using to find brands like yours. Now, it’s time to incorporate those words and phrases into the content on your webpages. This will get your pages ‘found’ and contribute to your brand development efforts.
  • Links that are reputable and act as recommendations: Search engines use outbound links on your webpages as references. Make sure they’re good ones – chosen carefully from websites with healthy traffic and good reputations in their respective industries.
  • Links with names matching search terms: When a hyperlink includes the keyword or keyword phrase that you’ve chosen for a given webpage, your brand gets a search engine ranking bonus.
  • Sites with regularly updated information and steadily increasing links: Search engines look for growth and improvement. Therefore, How to Build a Brand always suggest that you upload new and relevant information and continuously work to build your website’s audience. This is a snowball effect of sorts: the more attention your website gets, the more it will receive. We can’t think of a better recipe for brand development.

Beyond these points, every search engine has its own specific criteria, which may change at any time. The best way to ensure good search engine optimisation that gets top results is to fill your web pages with quality content that is keyword-rich (but not stuffed) and to make sure that content is current, relevant, and specifically appealing to your target audience.

Organic (or honest) search engine optimisation is the only true path to top search results. It is also the only way to enact authentic, long-lasting brand development.

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