Brilliant branding includes consumer experiences that transcend the page and the screen. As a general rule, the more senses that your brand engages, the more effective it becomes. Total sensory immersion is the brand design wave of the future, and product packaging holds a wealth of sensory potential.

Join us for what promises to be an intriguing conversation about innovative and creative brand design in product packaging. When done well, it works to create an unforgettable experience – even before your brand’s product is opened.

Does your Packaging’s Brand Design Engaging the Senses?

Before customers experience your product, they experience your product’s packaging. For this reason, we find it surprising that more attention hasn’t been paid to this tangible touchpoint – a promising model for consumer engagement.

Certainly, you recognise that buyers see your products’ packaging, but have you stopped to consider the other, often overlooked, senses? How does that packaging sound, feel, smell, and taste? Not sure that it matters? When your packaging is the only packaging on the shelf with brand design that considers the other four senses, the difference is undeniable.

Of course, most of you aren’t going to design packaging that tastes better than your competitors’; however, when you think creatively – and employ your brand’s USP – you might be surprised at just how innovative your brand design becomes (and how senses you’d never considered can come into play).

Some Examples of Sensory-Immersion Brand Design Packaging


Not sure how you can engage the senses with packaging that also represents your brand design? We have compiled a few simple ideas that might spark your imagination:

  • If your ideal client is ‘hungry’ for nostalgia, consider the feel and sound of a metal lunch pail, the sound and smell of brown-paper packaging (tied up with string?), or the soft simplicity of a reusable gingham wrapper.
  • If music moves your target audience, hit all the right chords with packaging that plays a few notes or converts to a simple musical instrument after its primary function is complete.
  • Are your ideal customers inspired by intricate details? Consider textured, quilted, or die-cut packaging. Not only will the visual elements intrigue, the texture will encourage frequent handling (and therefore, repeated brand reminders).
  • If simplicity or minimalism is key to your brand design, then the absence of packaging may be the sensory element that will speak loudest to your audience. Think nude, naked, and undressed…clean and stimulating in contrast to competitors’ busy brand design and packaging.
  • Is the aroma of your product a key element in your brand’s USP? Then consider packaging that either allows the scent to diffuse or infuse the packaging with the scent.
  • Does your ideal client relish a challenge? Or value perplexing puzzles? Offer them the opportunity to ‘accomplish’ opening your brand’s packaging and you’ll build your brand with experiential marketing.
  • If your target audience is apt to use particular materials in their occupations or pastimes, consider using those material(s) in your packaging. Think wood for woodworkers, canvas for painters, mixing bowls for pastry chefs, fabric for seamstresses, bottles for brewers, suede for tanners…or anything that will show your ideal clients that you understand what excites their senses.

Of course, there will be additional costs involved with brand design sensory packaging, so you’ll want to determine if the difference can be recouped through enhanced sales. This is a brand-specific study, which can only be accomplished with a keen attention to the preferences of your target audience, the feedback you receive, market studies, and analysis of sales before and after the introduction of sensory packaging.

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