At How to Build a Brand, we believe that accomplishing great SEO within your brand marketing strategy involves more than acquiring a software-generated list of keywords and inserting them strategically into your website and blog’s text…text that may or may not prove useful to consumers.

Instead, we think that your brand marketing strategy SEO should be customized with a human touch, that keywords should be chosen with care and after exhaustive examination of the market, and that no potential customer – whether he or she is just browsing or serious about buying – should be excluded.

You’ve heard of the sales funnel. That’s just one term commonly used to describe the purchase spectrum, or the process that real people go through as they decide what to buy, when to buy it, and from whom to buy it.


Now let’s discuss how you can use SEO tactics in your brand marketing strategy to appeal to those real people, within that very real, rather predictable, purchase spectrum process.

SEO for the Real World: a Brand Marketing Strategy

Here are just a few scenarios, from a buyer’s perspective, that help to illustrate the importance of targeting real people with your SEO tactics:

  • Imagine that you’re thinking about buying a new vehicle. You might begin with very broad, general search terms; you have no idea what model car will appeal to you. You know you want something that’s fuel efficient, roomy, and sharp-looking. As you begin your internet search for current models, you use general search terms like popular car models and consumer car reports.
  • After you look at design, petrol usage, and purchase prices, you get a clearer picture of what you’re interested in. You might switch to using search terms like fuel efficient cars, car design awards, and best car value.
  • Eventually, you’ll narrow your choices to four or five models, and will concentrate your searches on those specific names: Fiat, Honda, Mini, or Ford…along with the names of the models that have captured your attention.

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone – your ideal clients are using internet search in this manner also. As people browse, they educate themselves and narrow their searches as they proceed. Elevating brand marketing strategy SEO to this very human level has taught us that if you fade away or arrive tardy in the purchase spectrum, you lose the chance to build your brand and to establish trustworthiness. If your SEO brand marketing strategy campaign appeals to all points along the purchase spectrum (shows up for both general and specific search terms), you’ll be seen as a constant in the industry – a solid choice.

In conclusion, I suggest that you do your homework. Study your target audience’s preferences and behaviours. Learn about the terms they’re using to search at every point along the purchase spectrum and then give attention to each one – so that your brand will get consideration from all the right people, at all the right times.

For more on how SEO can be used to enhance the effectiveness of your brand marketing strategy, contact How to Build a Brand today.

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