Does your corporate branding strategy include a plan for putting your website in the paths of your target audience members? What if your website was so visible and present to your ideal clients that they couldn’t help but run across it? What if whenever they looked for what they wanted most, your brand was there?

SEO isn’t just about Google-rank bragging rights. It’s about increasing visibility, building trust, building your brand, developing your USP, and ultimately about making the money you need to live the lifestyle you want. Let’s talk about what including high-quality SEO can do for the effectiveness of your corporate branding strategy.

How SEO Benefits a Corporate Branding Strategy

The advantages of integrating SEO in your corporate branding strategy are abundant, to say the least. Let’s talk about the most obvious ones:

  • Great results for little or no cost: When you use SEO to put your website in front of all the right people, you are opting to work for clicks, rather than to pay for them. Of course, if you hire an SEO company to better your search engine ranking, there will be a monetary investment; however, the money you’ll spend, in comparison to pay-per-click and other paid advertising services, is minimal. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by your ROI with SEO.
  • SEO’s results are ongoing: Advertisements end when the budget is reached. To the contrary, SEO keeps on working (at no cost) long after the webpage, blog, or article has been published. With a bit of maintenance, SEO actually gains momentum as more and more visitors discover your website.
  • Brand positioning: Because well-planned and researched SEO uses the keywords that your ideal clients are using in searches, your website will be placed in front of the right eyes with every click. Without it, your website will be seen by very few people, and those people are unlikely to be part of your target audience.
  • Brand awareness: Higher web traffic results in a greater number of website views. More views equates to a higher click-through rate. More clicks mean more sales…but more than that, they means more chances to put your brand in front of the people who are willing to read about it, and eventually make purchases or spread the word to their friends and families. Increased brand awareness is only possible with visibility, and that’s what effective SEO can do.
  • User friendliness: Because search engines more readily crawl and index websites with proper architecture, a site that is designed with SEO in mind will inherently be more pleasant for visitors to “crawl,” too.
  • SEO never rests: Even whilst you sleep, great SEO works around the clock to put your brand in front of all the right people.

You may have heard how important it is that you strive to get your brand to page one of Google results. This is because the first few results of any search not only get most of the clicks, they often get ALL of the clicks.

Your website is the virtual version of your brick-and-mortar store front. Decades ago, your corporate branding strategy would have included a plan to attract customers to your store, and appeal to them enough that they wanted to come inside. SEO does just that for your website. Unless you put your website in the path of your target audience, they either won’t know it exists or they will put little faith in your brand.



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