There’s no argument that expert SEO (search engine optimisation) is necessary for good placement in search results and for building a brand; however, this is yet another instance in which less is more. Too much SEO is not a good thing – it’s an amateur mistake, and will cost you advancement in building a brand.

Building a Brand with SEO that’s Just Right

Goldilocks could probably give a good tutorial on just the right amount (and right type) of SEO. Too hot, too cold, too hard, too soft…you know the story. Think of her tale as you devise your own SEO brand strategy. Too little SEO, and your page will not be favourably indexed. Too much, and it will be penalised.

Here are some pieces of advice for building a brand by finding a good SEO balance that will perform well in search engine results:

  • The keyword density of any webpage, blog, etc. should be 3-7 % of your entire page. If the percentage exceeds 10, reading will not only feel awkward for visitors, search engines will be less likely to highly rank the page. If the content is irrelevant to your keywords, the page is even less likely to rank well. Plus, there’s always the chance that your page(s) will be flagged by search engines.


  • When a visitor reads your content, your keyword phrase(s) should not be abundantly obvious. If you’ve ever read an over-optimised page, it may have seemed like a keyword dump, or a list of search terms that offered no value and had no regard for the humans who read it. Great SEO content contains keywords, but doesn’t make the aim at keyword optimisation obvious. It uses synonyms – because people will use those to search, too. In short, it puts building a brand ahead of optimising content for any particular keyword.
  • When writing SEO web content, put readers’ interests ahead of search engines’. If you would classify your text as low-value, weak, or shallow, but it ranks highly in search results, you may be facing penalisation in the near future. What’s more, you will not attract your ideal client and will endure hardships in the realms of building a brand and brand loyalty.
  • Avoid the temptation to spin existing articles with software; instead, write and rewrite articles by hand. Don’t attempt to fool search engines with ‘black hat’ SEO practices. Invest the time you could spend on over-optimisation on the creation of quality, valuable content that will thrill your visitors enough to spur them to pass the word to others – which is the best kind of SEO for building a brand.

There’s no shortcut or easy route to highly effective SEO for building a brand. Diligent keyword research, a commitment to delivering high quality content, and adhesion to search engines’ preferences are all key components to a successful SEO brand strategy. From this point forward, remember that less is more – that Goldilocks was onto something when she wanted her amenities ‘just right.’

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