SEO practices are multi-faceted and strategies to build a brand online can be complicated – particularly when you consider that Google changes its algorithm up to 600 times per year. However, one thing that remains constant is that video is a necessary part of any SEO (search engine optimisation) campaign.

Build a Brand with Optimised Video

Video appeals to a large percentage of people’s learning preferences, it gives proprietors the opportunity to demonstrate products and services in real action, and it can build a brand by boosting your pages’ search results. Furthermore, Google has been moving toward blended indexing (displaying a mix of images, video, and content on its results pages).

Independent researchers have found that optimised video has a better chance of getting on Google’s first page than standard optimised written content does – as much as 50 times better. What does this mean for you? It means that you cannot overlook the wealth of SEO opportunities contained within digital media – if you want to build a brand, that is.

Of course, you must first create and upload your video. Then you’re presented with the task of driving traffic to it. Here are the video SEO principles that How to Build a Brand recommend you use:

  • Ensure that your video page loads quickly, since Google takes loading speed into account when it indexes search results. Slow pages will not rank as well as quick-loading ones. There are a number of tools (and advice) available on the web for testing and improving your site loading speed.
  • Deciding on keywords and keywords phrases for video SEO should be conducted much like any other keyword research. A Google Adwords search is always helpful, but don’t forget to check out Google’s autocomplete suggestions for phrases related to keywords you enter. Additionally, you can go to YouTube, conduct a faux search for a video like yours, and take note of YouTube’s autocomplete suggestions. This will tell you what phrases people are using.
  • When your video appears on one of your website pages, standard SEO practices apply. Navigation ease, title tags, good site construction, metadata, keyword integration, and link relevance all matter as much as they always have.
  • Use video hosting sites like YouTube so searchers can find your videos through the host’s internal search as well as through organic search engine results. Make your thumbnail tantalizing with brilliant colour, a welcoming expression, and/or an enticing preview of your product or service.


  • Include still shots from your video on your website page. Comprehensive SEO employs content, video, and images. If you display stills from your video, you will attract more traffic through Google Images. Choose stills that are bright, clear, close-up, and indicative of the video’s theme.
  • Go to Google’s webmaster tools and create a sitemap for your video. This will essentially alert Google that you have a video to be indexed, and will ultimately work to build a brand online.
  • Make it simple for visitors to share your video with others. Provide widgets so they can Like it through Facebook, Tweet it, and distribute it through their channels in as many ways as possible.
  • Consider including transcripts along with your video. Sure, few will read them (for the same reasons you’re creating video instead of written content), but crawlers will find the keywords you use in those transcripts and your traffic is sure to increase because of it. Make sure the transcript matches your video’s script closely. If it’s artificially stuffed with keywords, it could be classified as spam.

When it comes to video, Google isn’t concerned with the age or length of the footage (unlike traditional content), so it seems that the moral of the SEO video story is this: shoot it, include it, optimise it. If done correctly, your rankings – and your ultimate success – will build a brand.

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