Your mother taught you to share and you may have built a number of friendships on the premise of sharing. As you build a brand, this is an important principle on which to focus. Share your usage of cookies on your website, and you’ll not only be compliant with EU regulations, you’ll build a brand. Keep reading to learn how.

Build a Brand – Share a Cookie

To build a brand, it is imperative that consumers see your brand as trustworthy. They need to know they can count on your brand to do what it says it will – and in a broader sense, to be upstanding and truthful in all it does.


At How to Build a Brand, we notify visitors to our website that cookies are being used, in a prominent way. In order to be compliant, we suggest that you do the same. Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Familiarise yourself with cookie regulations. A visit to is a good start. Just a note: many website owners think they’re not using cookies; however, they’re using Google Analytics (which operates with cookies).
  2. Take your website’s cookie inventory. In other words, determine which types of cookies are being used.
  3. Publish a description of your cookie policy so that your website visitors will be well-informed about what kind of information you gather and how you intend to use it. We advise that you make it highly visible, honest, forthright…and that you give visitors the option to decline the use of cookies.

Of course, compliance with the cookie regulation may be challenging for some brands. That doesn’t mean that this task can be overlooked. The iso. (Information Commissioner’s Office) originally asked that all UK websites comply by May 2012; however, a significant number have not yet done so. If a user encounters cookie violations on your site, he or she can report it to the iso. You will then receive a notice with expectations for compliance. You will have to prove that a plan is in place.

If that’s not enough of a motivator to get on board the cookie train, consider how you can use it to build a brand:

  • This is an opportunity to demonstrate how honest and transparent your brand really is. This will lead to the building of trust from consumers – and we all know you can’t build a brand without trust.
  • Hopefully, your website’s visitors think your site is filled with great information and features. If so, they’ll be happy to learn about how you have built a great experience for them. Tell them how cookies make their visit great, and they’ll be more likely to agree.
  • As you build a brand, word-of-mouth is powerful. Your reputation will be bolstered by consumers who recognise your forthrightness. In the same manner, your reputation will be tarnished by anyone who is offended by your withholding of cookie information.

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