In your quest to build awareness around your corporate identity, you have come to learn that social media is an invaluable tool for spreading the word. You’ve probably also come to know that the success of your corporate identity in the social media realm (and therefore in the real world) is highly dependent upon the actions of those whom your posts reach. So how can you spur them to like, comment—and especially share—your content? Stay tuned. There’s a formula for corporate identity social media success coming up.

Build your Corporate Identity with Sharing


Going viral—or having social media posts shared on a wide, global scale—is the goal of every marketer. It is the coveted Word-of-Mouth advertising for the digital age. However, setting that goal isn’t enough. There are some key ingredients that go into the success of any viral social media post, and here are the ones that How to Build a Brand have found to be the most essential:

  • Timely Relevance: The digital information age is all about being the first—having breaking news or a new view about what’s most important—in a society with a fleeting attention span. Social media users are hesitant to share ‘old’ posts, lest they be viewed as ‘behind the times’ by their friends and followers. If your brand publishes something that is new, cutting-edge, unprecedented…then they have the opportunity to gain social media respect by sharing it. So, when you’re writing content and sharing it, ask yourself, Will sharing this improve the social standing, reputation, and trustworthiness of my ideal client, in their own circles?
  • Alignment: Can you name a celebrity or other public figure with whom your ideal client identifies? Is there a cultural or corporate hero who shares the values of your corporate brand? If so, then you might want to consider aligning a few of your social media posts (and the content linked to them) with that figure. Full-on endorsements can get hairy if the public figure doesn’t live up to the values of the brand (think Tiger {Nike} and Jared {Subway}), but capitalizing on a connection already forged by your target audience can increase viral likelihood. Be careful and do your research—the last thing you’ll want to do is align your brand with someone who isn’t a champion in the eyes of your target audience members.
  • Emotion: If your audience cries at a video you post, or laughs at a blog post you link to, they are far more likely to share it. You see, they want to be effectual and inspiring in their own groups—and sharing something that will elicit an emotional reaction will accomplish that for them. Determine what emotions are most valuable (and actionable) to your ideal client and then get to work on stirring them.
  • Visuals: According to Kissmetrics, social media posts that contain photos get more than 50% more likes than text-only posts. They also get more than double the comments and 84% more clicks. Furthermore, Wishpond has found that posts with photos garner 2.2 times more engagement than those without photos. So what does this mean for your brand? It means that your visual corporate identity should make an appearance with every social media post, along with a relevant photo.
  • Creativity: Being creative is simpler than you might believe. This isn’t about coming up with some brand-new idea; it’s about coming up with a new way to present a belief that is already embraced by your audience. And guess what? If your corporate identity accompanies something new and cutting-edge—never before conceived—your brand can lay claim to that presentation. It will enjoy more shares, more notoriety…more of everything.

There’s so much more to talk about in the realm of social media marketing and the building of your corporate identity. Why not try the advice offered above for 30 days? Look into your social media analytics and see how your engagement has improved.

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