There’s a lot of competition out there. Most every market is flooded with passionate brand champions and a wide selection of the Next Big Things. How can your brand stand out? How can you build a brand that lasts, and lasts well? The answer is uncomplicated: Keep it Simple. That’s how to build a brand that rises above all the hype and appeals to all the right people.

Remember that your brand is not what you say it is; it’s what those people most important to your brand say it is. For this reason, pomp and circumstance surrounding attempts at pushing your brand into the public eye, indiscriminately, will multiply any brand’s chances of failure. In many ways, the best branding practices are the simplest.

So let’s get back to basics and talk about how to build a brand based on simplicity.

How to Build a Brand with Simplicity and Durability

There’s no doubt you’ve stumbled upon heaps of branding trends in your search for how to build a brand. These should be considered as viable additions to your branding strategy; however, building a brand solely (or largely) on what’s trending right now will not translate to a solid brand with longevity as a core feature.

So, how to build a brand with endurance? In order to increase your brand’s chances of success, How to Build a Brand suggest that you keep your branding efforts simple, and follow some straightforward, proven, tried-and-true guideposts on your path to brand success:

  • Clear Messages: In the realm of communication, always strive for clarity. This is no place for abstract creativity. Cater your language to your brand and to your audience’s preferences, putting comprehension of your message before all else. Make this actionable by using words that your audience will inherently understand and connect with; only employ literary elements (like alliteration and rhyming, for example) as secondary tools once clear messages are in place; avoid overly complicated brand design; keep the mystery out of it – your audience’s attention could wander whilst they’re attempting to decode your encrypted message.
  • Connect on an Emotional Level: More than ever, consumers are making emotional buying decisions. As you build your branding strategy, put aside the product or service, put aside the price point…and ask yourself what emotions are most stimulating to your ideal client and then find ways to conjure those emotions. This can be accomplished through a variety of media, as well as through experiences that your brand creates.
  • Forward Thinking: When you speak to your ideal clients, always keep your eye on the pie; in other words, continually focus on your brand goals and the destination you have in mind. If people can grasp an idea of where you’re going, they’ll be more willing to jump on the bandwagon. Put this into action by communicating brand messages as if you’ve already arrived at your destination, with only a sub-focus on chronicling your journey.
  • Build Trust: In order for anyone to invest with a brand, he or she must intrinsically trust that brand. Consumers not only want to trust that they’ll get a great value, but they also want to trust that they will be proud to be associated with your brand. You can promote brand trust by fulfilling your brand’s promises, offering valuable advice without compensation, and publishing testimonials written by satisfied customers.
  • Customer Service: Ask anyone who’s just navigated through a labyrinth of automated messages on a customer hotline, and you’ll hear all about the “lack of customer service these days.” There is an outcry for attention to the customer, and you can take advantage of that opening by reverting to times when the customer was king. Without clients, your brand could not exist. Keep this in the foreground of all you do; those who matter will notice and brand loyalty will take root. Employ this concept by thanking clients for their business, rewarding loyalty, answering questions promptly and with valuable information, and responding positively to negative feedback.


Many of today’s most successful brands were founded long before the existence of today’s complicated methods for communicating, living, and doing business. Keep it simple. Avoid trying to please every consumer. Get back to the basics of branding and your brand will hold the power to transcend the noise.

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