Do you truly believe that you are the expert... read on and find out whether you believe it for sure.

Now today’s post is specifically about the confidence to step up as the expert you are. The prompting question came in from one of our comment boxes on Facebook. A lovely lady Judi, who is in business for herself and interested in small business marketing for her business is extremely good at what she does and like any business owner, wants more business than she is currently acquiring. She was asking us how she can position herself and her brand in such a way that she could be seen as the market leader and the obvious choice,  go to expert in her industry above and beyond her competitors. As part of a brand strategy and small business marketing this is an essential part of any small business owner's thinking.

Small business marketing - believe in you

Now when Sammy and I started asking the right small business marketing questions about some of the things that she did that made her the best at what she does in the eyes of her clients, she felt a little uneasy to say that she was the best in her marketplace. Judy knew that what she had was the best quality service on offer to her customers and they often remarked upon it. Maybe you are in this position too. You are the expert in your industry and would like more visibility and belief in you from your prospects and customers. 

  • Well, here's the thing... your prospects and customers will only believe in YOU when YOU believe in YOURSELF.

So after a few more searching questions, which I think would be really useful for you to think about too, we got to the heart of the matter.

All we said to Judy was, "What is it about the service you provide that makes the current customers you have come back for more, this thing that makes you the best at what you do? What is it?".

And the ultimate small business marketing question, "What is it about what you do and about you yourself, your brand that makes people come to you before they consider any other of your competitors?" Now once we received some more clarity from through the answers that came out, it was quite simply transformational about how she then perceived herself. Maybe this sounds familiar to you.

So what came out of this was that she didn’t feel comfortable in her own self to say that she was the best because she never really asked those questions of herself.

Now what I would be able to give you as great advice is that, if you are in a position where you are wondering whether branding is it truth or lies. The actual truth is that it is neither. When thinking about your brand strategy overall, branding it’s about positioning your brand so that more people know about you and share their experiences with people they know.... that really is it. You see, it is not what you say about you. It is what people say about you that is actually true. Because let's think about it, if you went to a fantastic restaurant and you told everyone about how wonderful it was. Is it truth or is it lie...or is it in fact just your opinion?

Well that’s what  your customers must be doing when they talk about you, right? You want them to have such a great experience with you that when they speak about your brand it’s not about truth or lies, it’s about what they found, what they experienced with you and your service. That great experience is what you want people to be describing to their friends, their colleagues, their associates.

Once you hear the wonderful feedback from your customers you can truly believe how good you are, what an expert you are and why people choose you above your competitors.

Think about these few key points that will help you position your brand:

  • Why they should choose you as they go to expert as well.
  • Ask yourself those three questions above and find out what you truly believe about yourself.
  • Ask the questions to your current customers. Find out what they truly believe and use that as the positioning to put yourself out there as the expert, the go to a person in your industry as well.

 That’s today’s tip. I will be back with some more very soon. Bye for now.

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