As you carry out your brand marketing strategy to find your ideal clients, you’ll come to learn that without social media, it can be nearly impossible to build a brand in 2013 and beyond. That’s because social media is the meet-and-greet, the convention…the networking event of the 21st Century.

Make Brand Marketing Strategy Connections

A well-crafted brand marketing strategy must include a plan for finding clients on social media. After all, that’s the one place where most of your target audience is hanging out – and the one place where they’re all talking about their preferences, their pains, their problems…their wishes for solutions.


Here are some of my brand marketing strategy suggestions for finding your “people” on social media:

  • Know how your ideal clients think and tailor every piece of communication with their needs in mind – even if you’re not speaking directly to those clients at the moment.
  • Enter social media channels with the mind-set that you’re there to simultaneously strengthen existing relationships and create new ones.
  • Stay alert to clues about common threads between people’s values and your business’s values. Make those connections and nurture them.
  • Start conversations and enter existing ones that you think might lead you to your ideal clients; however, don’t jump right in with marketing language. Build relationships first (whilst remaining professional).
  • Carrying out your brand marketing strategy on social media is not about selling to those in the room. It’s more about creating relationships that will result in referrals and word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Whilst building social media relationships, keep this brand marketing strategy progression in mind:  turn strangers into friends, then friends into prospects, and then prospects into clients (with the understanding that those prospects and clients might be the products of referrals).
  • Use connections with existing clients (particularly those who have made referrals or written positive testimonials) to make connections with others like them. Search LinkedIn groups they belong to. Apply to join the group and jump into conversations.
  • Whilst interacting in the social media realm, offer lots of professional advice; answer questions; be helpful and friendly beyond people’s expectations.
  • Be willing to take the relationships you create out of the social media realm. Meet people (in person) at events, invite them to events you’re sponsoring, and be open to accepting their invitations.

As you connect with potential clients (or friends of potential clients) on social media, remember to read between the lines…to look beneath the surface of their words, take them in the context of their social media place, and BE the answer they’re looking for. And even if it’s not evident to them immediately that you’re the solution to their woes, the seed will have been planted. In the future, when the pain intensifies, your brand will be the go-to answer.

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