If you’re like many social media users, you’re adept at navigating and posting to a number of channels; however, you might struggle with finding the right words to use in a branding sense – for your business. It’s easier than you might think. You see, social media and branding practically go hand-in-hand.

Firstly, before anything else, know your company’s brand communications strategy. In it, you will find the words (language) that everyone associated with your company should be using to communicate. This starts the word-of-mouth ball rolling in the right direction.

Next, let’s talk about whom, exactly, you’re talking to in your social media branding. This is important because using a hit-or-miss or spray-and-pray methodology always tends to either overwhelm those people with whom you could be forging relationships. Wrap your mind around – or better yet, get into the mind of – your company’s ideal, target customer. Feel his pain. Know his troubles. Understand his need for answers to problems and methods for making his life or work simpler and more satisfying.

How can you learn to know this customer? If your company is an existing one, simply look back over case studies, testimonials…even past social media conversations. Pay close attention to clients’ starting points, as well as just how each was helped by your organisation. Speak directly to this person in your social media branding communications. If your business is in development, then you’ll have to use more imaginative empathy. Think of someone you know who would really benefit from the product, service, or programme you’re offering. Speak to that person with your words and with your choice of messages. Ask yourself, “What would he want to know?” and give that to him. Use words, video, and photos to communicate within his mind-set, on his level.

Soothe with Branding Language

Regardless of your branding phase, you will note definitive patterns that emerge during your research. Existing and potential clients all start out with the same types of pain; acknowledge it and offer solutions with the posts you choose.

When entering the world of branding with social media, leave your sales pitches at the door. Always remember that this method of branding is not about “selling to the room.” In other words, you need only deliver the messages that you know your target clients will want to hear. Those message might not be a perfect fit for those on your page at the moment, but through relationship chains, networking, and word-of-mouth advertising, those messages hold great potential for landing on fertile ground.

Social media within the realm of branding is about business, but more importantly, it’s personal. It’s about starting new conversations, making friends…and then turning those friends into prospects and then customers.

Always remain professional in branding social media. Regularly refer to your brand communication strategy, to guide your word choices and tone. Offer only those messages that will speak directly the needs of those who need your services the most.

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