Whilst building a brand, we all need to remember that the social media connections we make are invaluable – even if those connections are not with our ideal clients. Allow me to explain the importance of making numerous, yet strategic, social media connections for building a brand.

Building a Brand:  Finding a Connection Balance


It can be easy to fall into the two extremes of making social media connections: connecting only with acquaintances or connecting with every person – and every list of people – possible. Let’s talk about the problems with each strategy:

  • Connecting only with people you already know can limit your attempts at building a brand. Building a brand with social media isn’t about who you already know. It’s about who your connections know. The more “quality” connections you have, the better the chances are that one of those people will know your “dream client.”
  • Making indiscriminate connections (connecting with every human being possible) also has its drawbacks. You might run into etiquette trouble (with LinkedIn, for instance) if you request connections from people who don’t know you. Additionally, an indiscriminate list could become uncontrollable, with status updates flooding your inbox to the point that you become overwhelmed.

That’s enough of the “what not to do” talk. Let’s move onto what you CAN do to make the types of connections that will aid in building a brand. Firstly, think big; remember that you’re not just selling to the room and each of your connections probably knows as many people as you do. Your dream client could be the co-worker, friend, next-door neighbour, cousin, or client of one of your connections, and you’ll find that most people are more than happy to play match-maker in the business world.

Think of it this way: instead of relying solely on the people you like, know, and trust for building a brand, get to know more people whom you can GET to know, like, and trust. Nurture your existing connections – remember, they’re meeting new people all the time and when they know what you’re looking for, bells will sound if they meet your ideal client. Also, when making new connections, keep a few things in mind:

  • Have something in common when requesting connections. Whether you’re in the same social media group, the same industry, or have the same mutual connection(s), mention that when reaching out to make that connection.
  • Aim high and connect with people who are on the same corporate level as your dream client.
  • Grasp opportunities by accepting connection requests.
  • Join groups that are applicable to what you do and make connections with people in those groups.

The moral of the story? You never know where you’ll find social media help with building a brand, so don’t allow connection opportunities to pass you by. Reach out. Be social. And do it all for the sake of building a brand.

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