Have you been resisting joining the social media movement? If so, you’re missing out on a brilliant personal branding opportunity. Personal branding isn’t just for business names like Oprah and Martha; it’s for every brand.

Personal Branding via Social Media

Year after year, distrust of (and distaste for) the corporate scene grows. People want to connect with people – not faceless entities. Brand identities are suffering, due in large part to resistance to the use of social media. With social media, you can introduce your brand as a group of living, breathing, dedicated individuals – rather than a corporation to which people will have difficulty relating.



Remember that establishing yourself as an expert in your field and building trust are crucial to brand building. Social media offers a unique opportunity to do both of these. At How to Build a Brand, this is what we have to say about how you can multiply the impact of your personal branding efforts with social media:

  • Tough economic times trigger consumer fear and distrust. Social media puts a trustworthy human identity on what might otherwise be viewed as a cold, untrustworthy corporate identity. We all know how nice it is to ‘finally put a face with a name.’ Personal branding through social media echoes this sentiment.
  • Branding is all about building reputation and consumer perceptions. With social media, you can do that directly, with niche conversation.
  • Consumers are hungry for positive experiences. Social media gives you the opportunity to give them immediate, positive satisfaction. This can be accomplished through rewards or through simple, relevant engagement.
  • Social media establishes mind share. When you engage with consumers, positively reinforcing your brand identity with personal branding, your brand will take up permanent residence in their minds – where it will stand ready to respond as problems and opportunities arise.
  • Social media offers people chances to communicate directly with brands and to gain nearly immediate responses. This makes your brand personal – a cornerstone of strategic personal branding.
  • Social media gives you the opportunity to not only establish your brand as a go-to in the industry, but to establish YOU as an expert, through guided, strategic personal branding.

If you’re not already taking steps toward personal branding in the social media realm, don’t delay. In most cases, the brand that first engages participants has the best chance of capturing the largest percentage of mind share (and subsequent market share).

Introduce yourself. Talk about why you’re passionate about your brand. Talk about how you can help people and how your brand is making strides toward the innovation of new solutions. Answer questions. Offer advice. Be friendly, approachable, and encouraging. This will not only build your brand, it will do it using a personal touch, which is what today’s consumer craves.

People need people. Before they connect with a brand, they want to know that they can like and trust the people behind it. That’s why social media has become invaluable in personal branding.

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