Your brand marketing strategy is unique to you and your brand. You know better than anyone else what your ideal client wants and needs. You understand just what your audience want to hear. That’s what puts you in the perfect position to write a compelling, action-inducing, trust-building strapline.

What is a strapline, anyway? Even if you haven’t labelled them, you’ve seen and heard them. Think Nike (Just Do It), McDonald’s (I’m Lovin’ It), Ľoréal (Because you’re Worth It), M&Ms (Melts in Your Mouth not in Your Hands)…now you know. Otherwise known as a tagline, a strapline is a slogan, a line that is intended to be repeated as a representation of a brand’s message.

Why Your Brand Marketing Strategy Needs a Strapline

You know a good strapline when you hear it. But are you able to identify why it’s good?

Depending upon the nature of the brand, it likely does one of the following:

  • It makes a guarantee. I know that’s a touchy word (and some recommend that it be avoided at all costs), but if you’re confident – and I mean very confident – that your brand can deliver what you’re promising, then why not? If your brand marketing strategy would benefit from a promise – if you know that your ideal client is looking for reassurance – than a strapline that guarantees quality, speed, originality…whatever it is you specialise in…will build your brand.
  • It offers relief. Any worthwhile brand marketing strategy identifies a target audience’s pain or problems and then offers a solution. If your brand’s first priority is solving a problem, then communicating that with your strapline is a brilliant plan of action.
  • It creates a sensory experience. If one of your product’s foremost features is taste, smell, touch, sound, or sight, then playing up that feature with a sensory strapline will offer a tantalising preview of what your brand offers.
  • It sets itself apart from the competition. Is your brand better than the competitions’? How? In what area? Use your USP (unique selling point) to write a strapline that highlights the single most unique thing about your brand.
  • It magnifies emotion. Are your ideal clients likely to turn to your brand when emotions are high? Do trends suggest that sales go up when a particular emotion is being enjoyed (or endured)? Use words in your strapline that evoke that emotion. Bring the feelings that are integral to your brand’s success to the surface in order to create an association that will turn minds toward your brand whenever that emotion bubbles up.

Of course, your strapline will be uniquely yours; however, there are a few guidelines for writing one that sticks:

  • Make it all about them. This is not the time to channel your inner Shakespeare. A strapline should be simple, without attempting to be clever at the cost of clarity. A strapline is not intended to impress with poetic mastery. Instead, it should impress prospects and existing clients by communicating your uncanny aptitude for knowing exactly what they want.
  • Make it memorable. No run-on sentences here; in fact, complete sentences are even discouraged. A strapline should be a simplistic phrase that exemplifies your brand and sticks to the grey matter. Write it. Put it in a drawer. Can you remember it in a day? In a week? If you can’t recall the strapline you’ve written, start over and simplify.


  • Put it in a URL. If possible, compose a strapline that can double as your website’s URL (domain name). This will be a double-whammy in the memory department – a reminder of where prospects can find you on the web. Conduct a domain search to see what you find. You might be surprised at how much work one phrase can do for your brand.

A compelling, memorable strapline will stick in the minds of your ideal clients, as well as on the tongues of those who can best spread the word about your brand. Not sure where to start or how to move forward? Simply email us today on [email protected] and we’ll talk about how you can build your best possible strapline into your brand marketing strategy. Or, find How to Build a Brand on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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