Most industries in today’s markets are saturated with brands. What is your corporate brand doing to stand out? What is your corporate brand doing to prove that it’s different, and that it’s willing to take measures to keep its audience accommodated, interested, intrigued…surprised? If you’re not sure, join us. Today, we’re talking about what the element of surprise can do for your corporate brand.

Infuse your Corporate Brand with Elements of Surprise

Who doesn’t love a surprise? Whether it’s a gift, a party, or just a lucky day, we all enjoy an unexpected turn for the better. Most consumers share this desire – whether they consciously recognise it or not.


Here are some of the ways that surprise can benefit a corporate brand:

  • Demands on corporate brands are growing, daily. The more consumers receive, the more they expect. This is only natural, but it’s up to your corporate brand to supply the ‘something different’ that feels like ‘more.’ And element of surprise fits this bill.
  • Surprises come in many forms, and an intimate knowledge of what your target audience really wants is integral to choosing the right kind of surprise. Maybe they want your corporate brand to ‘go against the grain’ – to surprise them by breaking moulds and marching to the beat of a different drummer (different than your competition, that is). Maybe they would appreciate (and remember) an invention or an innovation that is unlike anything they’ve ever seen; something they can’t stop looking at, listening to, or talking about. Or, maybe they would appreciate the same quality they’ve come to expect, just created in an unconventional way. There are no limits here.
  • Read between the lines. Remember that in order to surprise someone, they can’t see it coming. So if your ideal client is asking for something, dig deeper. Read into what they’re saying to you, to their fellow target audience members, and to your industry as a whole. Give them that something they want…something they didn’t realise they wanted, because it’s better than what they were asking for.
  • Focus on your corporate brand experience. You can surprise with product, but that may be the kind of surprise that’s most expected. Instead, think about how you can give your ideal clients something to remember, so that every time they think back to their one-of-a-kind, surprising experience, they turn to your corporate brand.
  • Couple with another corporate brand in a brand pairing that, at first glance, may seem surprising, but after careful consideration, seems like the kind of thing that should have happened long ago. Sometimes the best surprises are those that have been lying low, just waiting to be discovered by you and your ideal client.
  • Always strive to surprise your clients by delivering more than they ever expected. Maybe you’ve heard the mantra ‘under-promise, over-deliver.’ We suggest that you make enticing promises, and then over-deliver on them for an element of over-the-top surprise.
  • Establish a corporate brand strategy for continual surprises – particularly if your brand’s value system includes elements of innovative excitement that your ideal clients crave. Remember that the charge of a surprise dies quickly, and the desire for another comes on pretty fast. This doesn’t mean presenting unveiling after unveiling, but rather, mixing up the types of surprises you deliver. Vacillate among experiential surprises, product unveiling surprises, brand personnel surprises, pairing surprises, expansion surprises, guest appearance surprises, and whatever will stimulate your ideal client’s emotional centre.

There’s really no limit to the number or type of surprises that will benefit your corporate brand. Determining what works will require a commitment to studying your brand’s place in the market, the competition, its mission and vision statements, its values, and maybe most importantly, the wants and needs of its target audience.

Sometimes, the biggest surprise is what motivates your ideal client in the most profound way, and for that reason, corporate-brand surprise design can be an experimental process…but when you find what works, boy is it a pleasant surprise!

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