Whilst marketing your brand, you may choose to include an online advertising campaign in your brand marketing strategy. How to Build a Brand recommend that before doing so, you make a series of considerations. One of those is how your advertising will be affected by your ideal clients’ smartphone, tablet, and desktop usage.

Is your advertisements’ design reflexive…or even better, custom-designed for a variety of devices? Or will tablet and smartphone users feel frustrated as they attempt to view your ad’s desktop design on a mobile device?

Let’s discuss a trend that has been uncovered, and how you can use that information to benefit the effectiveness of your brand marketing strategy.

A Brand Marketing Strategy that Caters to Tablet Users

Branding experts look to Nielson, a market research and global survey company, to learn about what consumers are doing, along with where and how they’re doing it.

In a recent survey, Neilson discovered the following:

40% of tablet users say they’re receptive to advertisements on their devices, while only 30% of smartphone users are.

20% of tablet users clicked on an advertisement in the past 3 months, and 10% of them purchased as a direct result of that ad. This number is bolstered by the fact that 48% of tablet users recall seeing a daily ad on their device, compared with only 37% of smartphone owners. That doesn’t mean smartphone users were missed, they just can’t remember the ad.


Neilson attributes the differences to the fact that when consumers use their tablets, they’re generally engaged with it, absorbing the information contained within its larger-than-a-smartphone-screen. You can use this valuable information in your brand marketing strategy – to your advantage. Consider this: 28% of tablet users reach for their devices during television commercial breaks, while only 18% of smartphone users do. That means that including innovative advertising techniques in your brand marketing strategy – like using television commercials to spur viewers to interact with their tablets, augmented reality apps, and QR codes – will likely grow right alongside the tablet market.

What’s this mean for your branding efforts? It means you’d be wise to consider angling your advertising toward tablet users. After all, they’re growing, they’re focused, they’re more receptive to branding messages, and here’s the kicker…they seem to be making intelligent choices.

As I alluded to earlier, every online brand marketing strategy isn’t right for every audience, or for every device. It’s important that you work with a branding expert to determine how your target audience prefers to be engaged, so that you can make the most out of every online marketing effort.

Tablets are all the rage in ecommerce right now. Why? Because users can literally “touch” what they’re buying, they can view products in a highly visible format, and they can shop anywhere. Think about this whilst creating your brand marketing strategy, when working with your website designer and developer, as well as when devising a plan for speaking to your ideal clients.

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