Writing a tagline, or strapline, doesn’t have to be strenuous – but it shouldn’t be oversimplified, either. Today, I’m talking about the qualities of a great tagline and how a well-written one can help you to reach your brand building and positioning goals.

Writing Taglines with Brand Building and Positioning Benefits

When the branding experts at How to Build a Brand write a tagline, we ensure that it expresses the brand building and positioning goals of the business…succinctly and specifically. In order to make that happen, a tagline should possess a number of properties: It should be clear, brief, relevant, brand-centred, and enduring.

In other words, it should enhance your brand building and positioning efforts by telling people precisely what your brand is about – in branded, applicable language – in only a few words that you never anticipate having to change. A lot to ask from a handful of words? Maybe, but with some targeted brand building and positioning advice, you can write a tagline that works for your brand.


Here are some branding building and positioning action points for writing hard-working taglines:

  • Be prepared to spend time devising a strapline. When you’re close to settling on one, test it in all areas: marketing, communications, brand awareness, brand building and positioning. Does it fit? Does it further your corporate branding message? Be cautious about marrying yourself to one that doesn’t serve your greater branding purpose; this is a decision that is intended to stick with your brand for years, decades…and beyond.
  • Don’t try to convince yourself that you can learn to love a tagline that isn’t a perfect fit for your brand. In reality, having no tagline is better than having a bad one (or even a mediocre one).
  • Be specific. If your tagline could stand alongside most other company names – even in other industries – it’s too general. The danger in trying to appeal to everyone, or in promising everything, is that most people will end up being disappointed. Keep your target audience and your ideal clients in mind when writing it; speak directly to them, and they will listen.
  • Ensure that the slogan can stand independently, without the logo. It should be so brand-rich (and memorable) that it can work alone.
  • Don’t write a tagline that describes your company as you think people would like to see it. This is the equivalent of false advertising. Be true to your vision and to your reality. Those who share your values will connect with your message (and they’re the only types of clients you want, anyway).
  • Look to the future. Fashion your slogan with an adjustable waistband. Don’t limit the growth of your business by using trendy, hip, or limiting words. Tell the truth, but think big and ever-relevant. Think in a timeless fashion, and the result will be a tagline that will accompany your brand into the future.

Writing taglines is an art that takes time to develop. If you need help with writing yours, or with brand building and positioning, contact How to Build a Brand today.

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