One of the biggest challenges you will face as you work to build a brand will be spreading the word and making the types of quality connections that will build brand awareness and strengthen your brand identity. Your team—your employees—play a crucial role in this task, and their engagement with your brand can mean the difference between building your brand and breaking it.

Join us to learn how you can rally your team to build a brand that is well-supported and consistently presented across all channels.

Build a Brand by Engaging your Team

Emotional engagement isn’t something that you can force on anyone. It’s a conscious choice to participate in, and propagate, a brand culture. So how can you encourage your team to choose engagement with your brand? How can you stimulate them to promote your brand—not just at work, but in all they do? Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Emotional engagement (and the public brand support that accompanies it) is built on a foundation of common values, beliefs, and vision for both the present and the future. Therefore, brands should seek out (and make themselves attractive to) the types of the team members who share their core values. The right team member will inadvertently build a brand whilst supporting his or her own belief system—if the two align.
  • Even the most astute brand owner or manager needs to be regularly reminded of his or her corporate values.  Check yourself; make sure you’re demonstrating your values in all that you do, in order to retain authenticity in the eyes of your team members.
  • Every team member brings one main talent or skill to your brand. You value that skill for the ways in which it can build a brand; however, that’s not enough. Engagement requires that you cultivate the growth of the whole person, not just the primary talent they bring to your brand. Offer plenty of opportunities for them to grow both professionally and personally, and they will take your brand with them everywhere.
  • Ensure that the rewards you offer to employees are priceless. Avoid monetary gifts—they say you are “worth this much” to a team member. Priceless opportunities and recognition are invaluable.
  • Talk about change on a regular basis. Talk about how change is a good thing for your brand’s entire team. When a spirit of evolution is ever-present, it will be welcomed and team members will promote it (rather than complain about it).  
  • Engagement doesn’t happen behind closed doors. To the contrary, team members who are informed feel that they are part of the fabric of a brand. They are more emotionally invested.


  • We all know how rare it is to find a person who bubbles over with praise for their employer. Be that employer—the one who is publically praised—and people will want to learn more about your brand.
  • If your team has already been formed, know that the positive effects of these changes will take time. There may be significant employee turnover. There may be employees who resist the changes. However, most the shifts endured by your brand will be for the betterment of your brand. Also, note that in-place team members may seem suspicious of any changes you enact. Stay genuine and the ones who are open to engagement will follow.

There’s a lot of talk about retaining employees. How about instead of working to keep people on who might not be great fits for your brand, you work on sustaining a brand environment that attracts the types of people who will choose to be your brand’s biggest advocates?

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