Text message mobile marketing is the next big corporate branding marketing trend that hasn’t yet happened. In 2009, Mark Cohen used a New York Times article to cite the text message as “the closest thing…to a guaranteed read.” Not much has changed, and therefore, incorporating SMS marketing into your corporate branding strategy is becoming more important than ever.

Span the Corporate Branding Gap with SMS

You’ve been there: your phone chimes to indicate that a text message has arrived. You’re having lunch with a friend and think I’ve got to read that message…wonder who it’s from…when will a break in the conversation come so I can check it? Or, you’re driving to work and hear a message come in. You know you should never text and drive, so you pull off the shoulder of the road to read that message.



This is the urgency that comes with the arrival of a text message. So why aren’t more CMOs using this method for corporate branding? There is a palatable reluctance to jump on the text message marketing bandwagon. At How to Build a Brand, we think you’d be wise to climb on up there, before your competition takes your seat.

Supporting this premise of urgency are findings by Frost & Sullivan, telling us that, on average, text messages are opened within 5 seconds of receipt, and that 98 percent of them are read (whilst only 22 percent of email messages and 12 to 29 percent of social media updates are read). And if these statistics aren’t tantalizing enough, consider that Mailchimp and TextBoard have found that email click-through rates rest at only about 4.2 percent, whilst the text message click-through rate is about 19 percent.

Starting to see the corporate branding value of text message mobile marketing? Here are a few tips to get you started with an SMS mobile marketing campaign:

  • Never send unsolicited text messages. People must opt-in either by contract stipulation or by sending a text message of their own to sign up (like nearly 70 percent of our audience members did at the recent APCTC Super Conference). If you plan to hire a marketing agency to conduct the text message marketing for you, look into their practices. If there’s even a hint of a plan to blast text messages to random phone numbers, run…fast.
  • Text message mobile marketing cannot stand alone. It must be supported by other corporate branding touchpoints. After all, how will you get people to sign up for text messaging without some sort of traditional introduction? Advertise the opportunity to join your text messaging community in the places where you know your ideal clients are hanging out.
  • Satisfy the ‘what’s in for me?’ question with your text messaging campaign. Participants should feel that it’s worthwhile. Consider giving away free gifts, sending coupons and discount codes, or notifying people of exclusive opportunities.
  • Make it evident that you do (and will) respect the privacy of participants. Over the past decade, people have come to closely guard their mobile numbers, thanks in large part to scams and unsolicited telemarketing. Publish a privacy policy in which you reassure participants that you will not share their numbers.  
  • Create a long-term texting relationship with participants. Avoid text bombing their phones…but on the other end of the spectrum, don’t allow your brand to go latent for months without the communication of good news or special offers. Keep your brand fresh in their minds until a need arises, and they’ll be more likely to turn to your brand.
  • Adhere to the corporate branding rules you’ve learnt here. Use industry-specific words along with your branded language and allow your brand’s personality to shine through.

In conclusion, I would not advise that you allow text message mobile marketing to slip through your corporate branding fingers. Contact us today for more information on how you can initiate an SMS campaign that will take your corporate branding to new heights.

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