Whilst building branding strategies, we always recommend that our clients think about how they like to be treated; and then ask themselves if their target audience would appreciate the same treatment.

Gratefulness is one principal that never fails. Everyone wants to be thanked and appreciated; and therefore, you should offer that to everyone associated with your business. 

Branding Strategies, Best Served with Gratitude

How did you feel the last time you purchased something and the cashier or customer service representative failed to say “Thank You”? Did you feel compelled to refer that establishment to your friends? Or return to make another purchase?

This is a universal sentiment, and everyone you work with wants to hear thank you. These two little words (delivered with some branded flair) make a huge difference between brand strategies that succeed and brand strategies that fail to grow or, ultimately, fail.

There’s no limit to those whom should experience your gratefulness. Your employees, co-workers, clients, affiliates, subcontractors, and suppliers will all deliver what you’re looking for when they know they’re appreciated.



  • Pick up the phone and personally call someone. Express your delight. Be specific, genuine, and unhurried.
  • Send a hand-written note. Choose the words that best describe what the person did and how it positively affected your business. Be specific. Write legibly.
  • Send a thank-you email; however, only do so if you’re going to take the time to be creative and descriptive.
  • If it’s geographically convenient, pop into the person’s office. The fact that you took the time to travel will speak volumes.
  • Invite someone to lunch. Pick up the tab, but also use the time to express your gratefulness.
  • Return a favour, and make it clear that you never forgot what they had done for you.
  • Write a glowing testimonial – a thank-you for the whole world to see.
  • Whenever responding to a social media or blog comment, always begin by thanking the writer for contacting you.
  • Even if someone expresses dissatisfaction with your brand, always be sure to thank them for their valuable insight.

Thank You is sadly underused. In general, people do not feel that they hear it enough.

Stand out from the crowd. Find a reason to thank everyone your business comes in contact with. Keep your appreciative action in proportion to the deed, in order to add to its genuine feel. Avoid using gratefulness as a method for gaining preferential treatment, better prices, etc. (although these things are likely to happen).

Most importantly, avoid making your thank-you gestures perfunctory. Customise each one by choosing words that are specific to your brand, the recipient of the thank-you, and the situation. Never assume that people know you’re grateful for what they do. You must tell them, and tell them often and with heart.

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