As part of your corporate branding strategy, we at How to Build a Brand suggest that you employ as many low-cost or no-cost marketing methods as possible. One venue for accomplishing this is the space at the bottom of every email you send – also known as the email signature strip.

A Corporate Branding Strategy No-Brainer

How many emails do you send on a daily basis? And how many times are those emails forwarded to others? Think about the sheer volume of people who lay eyes on your emails. If you’re not employing a strategy for your brand that includes customised email signatures, you’re passing up valuable opportunities.

Maybe you’ve used the email signature space in the past…possibly to display your name and your company name in order to save time “signing” your name. If so, you’re missing out on the signature strip’s potential. Consider trying the following:


  • Design it so that it attracts attention. Use your brand’s colours, logo, name, and strapline.
  • Write a blurb about your latest business adventure.
  • Tell people whom you’re working with and what you’re working on.
  • Provide the buttons necessary for connecting directly to your social media channels.
  • Include a video, or a link to a video.
  • Link to a landing page that introduces your newest product or service. You may even want to create a landing page unique to the email link, so that you may easily track how many people are clicking on the link(s) in your signature strip.
  • Change up your email signature strip regularly – as much as 2-3 times per week. Recipients will come to expect new updates and will scroll down to see what’s new.
  • Treat the email signature strip like a social media status update.
  • Avoid “salesy” language. Instead, talk about valuable information and/or offers.
  • Make it evident that you’re excited about whatever is new in your business, and that excitement will be contagious…resulting in clicks.
  • Make associations with current events to grab attention and to offer solutions to contemporary problems.
  • Remember to speak to new prospects as well as existing customers, because both groups will be reading your emails.

Corporate branding strategies will vary according to your industry, the size of your business, your goals, your values, and more; however, one thing every branding strategy has in common is the need for communication that is automated, affordable, and wide-reaching. Direct mail, television commercials, billboards, and other traditional forms of marketing are still viable in some realms, but are being largely overshadowed by online marketing. Online marketing is how people listen, learn, and buy.

Make it your goal to experiment with email signature strips. Make them exciting. Entice readers to click and to discover the most thrilling parts of your brand.

At How to Build a Brand, we provide you with advice for designing a branded strategy that will usher your brand toward a bright future. To learn more, email us on [email protected], connect with How to Build a Brand on Facebook, or pop in at our YouTube channel.

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