Corporate branding strategy is, and has been, evolving. For years, the focus has been on products and services. Now, you’ll notice that more and more brands are moving toward a more personal corporate branding strategy.

The People Behind The Products: This is one of the latest-and-greatest corporate branding strategy movements. Storytelling, particularly that which chronicles the journey of the parent company and its founders and current players, is a big part of the new wave in corporate branding. No longer are products and services faceless commodities. They are the results of the values and hard work of the people who are passionate about them.

A Corporate Branding Strategy Renaissance

This new type of corporate branding strategy has been heavily influenced by social media. When corporations’ employees started talking about services via social media channels, the values of the brand shone through. Real people were talking about brands. Real people were responding to praise and criticism. Real people started telling stories…

and what resulted is what I would call a corporate branding strategy renaissance.

corporate-branding-strategyWe know far more about corporate brands and the people behind them than we did ten years ago. Consider Steve Jobs of Apple, Bill Gates of Microsoft, the family behind Johnson & Johnson, the provocative birth of Facebook, the fun had in Zappos’ offices…and even the family turmoil and poor personal choices that keep celebrities, like Miley Cyrus, in the tabloids.

Because we know more about the stories behind corporate brands, we are choosing products and services not just for quality or price, but for the values demonstrated by their parent companies.

The lesson? Your corporate branding strategy should include your story. Include a plan for reaching out via social media and a variety of other channels to introduce yourself, help consumers to solve problems, and to let them know that there’s a face (and a head and a heart) behind the label.

What can you expect to accomplish? Here are just a few things:

  • You will endear your ideal clients to your corporate brand. Your values will shine through in your choice of words and actions. You will attract clients who share those values.
  • You will engage your audience. You will spark conversation and learn more about what your ideal clients really want.
  • You will build trust. By showing proof and real-word examples that apply to the current conversation, you will be touted as “the real thing.”
  • You will build an authentic reputation for yourself. Be honest; tell your story accurately whilst conveying the passion you have for it.

So, what to do with that story once it’s told? Use it to create a unique user experience for your clients. Use your story, and the values that colour it, as inspiration for events, giveaways, guest bloggers and speakers, campaigns, corporate gifts…and whatever else you’ll use to build your brand.

Starting now, adopt the belief that it’s not enough to capture the minds of your audience; you must also capture their hearts. Consumer choices are rooted in emotion, and in order to benefit from that phenomenon, you’ve got to “bring it.”

I’ve got so much more to say about corporate branding strategy and what it can do for your brand. Let’s talk. Call me on +44 (0) 208 123 6776, email [email protected], or gather branding advice on Twitter.

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