Is your marketing getting the type of attention that will result in more awareness, more clicks, more referrals...more engagement for your brand?

No matter how much buzz your marketing is creating, a bit of taboo may be just the thing it needs to sprint past the competition.

We all have that friend who has the nerve to say the things the rest of us are thinking. And often, those things need to be said…in order for all of us to feel that we’re not alone and that our problems aren’t unique to us.

The funniest comedians are those who bring to light the issues that all of us endure, but that no one has the nerve to talk about.

And we all flock to those people who “have no filters.” Why? Because we can’t wait to hear what’s going to come out of their mouths next; we can’t wait to learn more about what’s important to us by hearing it made real.

So if this principle applies to people, why can’t it apply to branding and marketing strategies?

Funny thing: it does.

The Things Taboo can do for your Branding and Marketing Strategies

Those brands with the nerve to talk about the things the others are fearful of are the ones that are winning.

Take this ad, for example:

The branding and marketing strategy experts at Poo Pourri have nailed a number of things in this ad. Here are a few of them:

  • They have illuminated a problem that people have been afraid to address…and have not only offered a viable solution, but have given those people a voice. That’s a double whammy that sells! This is huge for brands to understand: When looking for gaps in your market, look especially hard at those areas where people are suffering silently. Give their problem a voice and they will repay you with their loyalty.
  • They have identified a gap in the market and filled it. They recognised that no one is completely satisfied with the results of current offerings, and have created something that’s not only more effective, but have developed a marketing campaign that cannot be ignored.
  • They have done something entirely unique, not only by offering a proprietary product, but by talking about it in a way that no one has. That is the single most effective way to get attention for a brand—even more important than ‘inventing’ something is developing a new way of using it or talking about it.
  • They have highlighted a number of situations that most humans can relate to. Not everyone is going to care if they blow up the lavatory; however, a large portion of the population does and a smaller portion will be so obsessed with it that they’ll carry the product with them, keep it at the office and in their home bathrooms. Poo Pourri has not only identified a broad market, it has identified one that can profit from casual and fanatical users (with high potential of turning half-hearts into fans).
  • The brand has opened the door for changing the way we operate as a civilisation. Sound far-fetched? Consider this: During the Middle Ages, most people bathed once or twice per year. That was acceptable until new products and methods made it easier to stay clean…and soon (or in a few centuries) it was the norm. This is the type of branding that has the power to change the way we view public restrooms, for example. And it may just change what we’re willing to endure.
  • They have used humour to break through barriers. Often, particularly when something isn’t easy to talk about, we struggle to find words that will communicate what we’re feeling. Humour not only makes brands memorable, it delivers messages in a way that is more comfortable for everyone involved.
  • They have produced incredible value. To their target customers, blowing up the lavatory could mean the end of a career, a friendship, a romance, a reputation…at least in their own minds. This product isn’t just a bottle of floral scent. It is, in a customer’s mind, the saviour of all these things. For a few pounds, a person can feel that their life will go on, uninterrupted by a mortifying situation. Now that’s value.
  • The brand has managed to make people think. They have expertly targeted an activity that people engage in on a regular basis—an activity with predictable results—and caused them to think about their current situations. Maybe a person hasn’t been worried about their bathroom legacy in the past; however, after being exposed to this marketing campaign, they start wondering if they should be more concerned. What have the people around them been thinking? Are they living like a barbarian? Has this been affecting their relationships? A good marketing campaign makes people think about changing their own behaviours.

How were you affected by the Poo Pourri advertisement? Were you amused? Intrigued? Horrified? Or did you click to order your own bottle?

No matter how it affected you, the point is that it probably DID affect you. This is the power of taboo branding and marketing strategies.

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