Throwback Thursday is a fun trend in the social media world that uses old photos to remember yesteryear. On your personal social media channels, you might hesitate to give away your age (or that atrocious 80s hairstyle), but when it comes to business, Throwback Thursday is a brilliant way to build a brand.

How Throwback Thursday can Build a Brand

Here are some reasons you should consider using Throwback Thursday to build a brand:

  • Brand Maturity: In the world of business and branding, older is treasured. This is not to say that new brands aren’t viable, but let’s face it – when a business has been around for a while, that’s proof of success. Throwback Thursday is your chance to show people that your brand has been around the block (and to raise the perception that it’s even better with age).


  • Trendy Fun: A good quality for any brand is the ability to evolve. By participating in a trend like Throwback Thursday, you send the message that your brand is flexible and willing to stay current.
  • Creativity: By participating in Throwback Thursday, you may never have to wonder what to post on a Thursday ever again. Ideas – and creative spins – will be plentiful. The only stipulation is that you must use a photo from the past. Last week qualifies.
  • Personal Branding: Some brands struggle with how to incorporate personal branding into their corporate branding strategy. Photos of you, your employees, the places you’ve been, and the things you’ve done are great ways to accomplish this.

Types of Photos to Build a Brand on Throwback Thursday

If you keep the above points in mind when posting, qualifying images should be abundant; however, if you need a few ideas, here you go:

  • past product launches
  • your brand’s first customer
  • your first speaking event
  • your very first office or warehouse space
  • your first magazine issue
  • an open house from the past
  • your first business card
  • photos from start-up
  • photos with people important in your industry (or important to pop culture)
  • images of you (or your employees or clients) wearing branded apparel from the past
  • defining moments in your brand-building process
  • your graduation
  • past company parties
  • original logo
  • old web pages
  • old company cars
  • a billboard or other advertisement from the past
  • any moment that was pivotal in building your brand

Throwback Thursday not only tells your brand’s story, it infuses your personality into your brand. It establishes connections with people and encourages engagement.

Consumers like to recognise hard work and to reward it with their business. When you show your ideal clients where your brand has been, the work involved with building it, and the memories made along the way, you will not only endear your brand to them, you will establish yourself as an industry expert.

In summary, Throwback Thursday isn’t just a way to keep your brand current and on the cusp of social media trends, it’s a powerful tool that you should be using to build a brand.

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