Those of you working on branding strategies may know by now that having a target audience is imperative to branding and marketing success; however, how can you know if you’ve gotten your target audience right? Is it tight enough? Have you included the right types of people?

The best branding strategies are built upon the asking of all the right questions – and so are tight and focussed target audiences (which, by the way are crucial to successful branding strategies). So, let’s move ahead and answer those all-important questions.

Questions about Target Audiences = Best Branding Strategies

If you haven’t heard about the wicked Spray-and-Pray method for branding strategies, here’s a rundown: A brand isn’t sure about who should be included in its target audience, so all marketing campaigns are customised and directed toward…well, no one in particular. This is not only a waste of resources (money and time), but it dilutes your brand message in all the wrong pools.

Your brand message should be aimed at people of a particular gender, age range, geographical location, profession, salary, etc.

How can you settle on the right kinds of people? The following is an example, with questions, to help you understand how tightening a target audience works:



Jennie owns a dog grooming business and she would like to build her brand. Her brand’s values are affordability, quality service, friendliness, integrity, and fun. Her existing clientele is roughly half men, half women, and their ages range from 25 to 85. She has made connections, through the exercising of her brand’s values, with a wide range of dogs and owners; therefore, she assumes that her target audience is every adult living within a 50-kilometre radius.

Jennie’s assumption is wrong. Her target audience is not the same as those people whom she anticipates serving with her brand. Before moving forward, she needs to ask (and answer) these questions:

  1. Who uses dog grooming services most often? Single men and women or married couples without children, who live in urban areas, represent her most lucrative accounts. This is probably because small dogs generally require more grooming services than large ones (small dogs live in apartments) and people without children have more time and money to invest in their pets’ appearances.
  2. Who calls to make first appointments? When Jennie gains a new client, it’s generally a woman aged 30-50. That woman usually earns more than 50K per year and lives within 15 kilos of the shop.
  3. Why do those women seek out dog grooming, rather than doing it themselves? Besides being able to afford the services, these women are busy with work and other recreational activities, making this time-saving service appealing to them.
  4. How/why do the others clients make appointments? Most men, young adults, and older adults are referred by the women who made first contact.

The information that Jennie gathered helped her to hone in on her true target audience: Busy professional women aged 30-50, without children, who live in urban areas within 15 kilometres of the grooming shop.


Now, that doesn’t mean that Jennie’s clientele will change; it simply means that she’s investing time and money on first points of contact – those women who will continue to make referrals and send men, young adults, and seniors into the shop.

If you haven’t asked questions similar to these of your brand, then it’s likely that your target audience is too broad. You could be wasting both time and marketing funds on an audience that’s not as receptive as it could be.

Branding strategies with tight target audiences are, without compare, the most effective. Want some of this for your own brand? Get in touch with How to Build a Brand on [email protected] to get more professional advice about building effective branding strategies.

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