As leaders in web design and web development advice, the branding experts at How to Build a Brand are often asked, ‘How do I know when it’s time to update my website?’ Like housecleaning, website maintenance is an on-going task, but sometimes, websites can become so out-dated that a complete spring cleaning is necessary.


Redesigning your Web Design to Build a Brand

Branding principles rarely change; however, the specific actions required to enact those principles do. Trends emerge. Shifts in language occur. Methods for speaking to your audience’s value systems improve. Sub-brands are added. World events and economic climates colour perceptions. And these are just a few examples of the reasons that your website design will periodically need to be updated in order to build a brand.

An outdated website design is easy to spot – and visitors are rarely impressed. Remember that the attention you pay to the messages your brand is sending directly correlates with your ideal client’s perceptions of the care you pay to customer service, quality, and the change you want to be in the world. In short, your website’s design is a demonstration of how you do business.

Here are some signs that your web design is no longer working to build a brand…signs that it needs a redesign:

  • Your site no longer shows up in search results, or those results aren’t as good as they used to be (or as good as you’d like them to be).
  • Visitors regularly contact you with questions that should probably be answered by your website’s content.
  • The site loads slowly.
  • While loading, separate panes fill the screen, one at a time.
  • Graphics are juvenile, simple, or cartoonish (assuming the site isn’t meant to be as such).
  • Images are broken, won’t load, or aren’t where they should be.
  • Text on the site has been created with images, rather than HTML.
  • You apologize to prospective clients for the condition of your website.

Modern website design includes interactive features like pay buttons, shopping carts, auto responders, forms, estimation tools, and downloadable PDFs. They aren’t just brochures; they act as experiences for users, call people to action, and work around-the-clock to build a brand, even when you’re not around. Your website is often the first and only impression that consumers will get. It is a reflection of you and your business; therefore, it should display the best of everything your brand has to offer.

If you’re still wondering if the time is right to redesign your web design, then the answer is YES. Treat your website’s design like you would treat the presentation of your brick-and-mortar shop. You would want the shop that ideal clients visit to be clean, organised, and attractive, right? And you would want it to fully represent the values and personality of your brand, right? Then commit to doing the same with your website. Make it a modern, easy-to-use gateway to your brand.

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